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Robert Frost of all time timeless poem “The Road Not Taken” has spanned all clip because of its ability to appeal to the basic and inevitable necessities of maturity –making tough determinations and life with the effects of said picks in the pursuit for felicity.

Robert Frost used the symbol of two roads to demo a immature man’s demand to do a really hard determination. In interrupting the verse form down in footings of reading and re-reading the verse form in its entireness. one can’t aid but be instantly placed in the places of the talker in footings of one’s ain life picks.

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The verse form begins with th talker standing in the center of two roads. The imagination used in the verse form “diverged in a xanthous wood” ( Frost. 1916 ) . leads the reader to believe the verse form takes topographic point in the autumn likely when the foliages are turning yellow. He so proceeds to state that he wishes that he could go both roads. but of class that is physically impossible. He stands for a long clip seeking to make up one’s mind which route to take. He looks down the way in effort to see where it leads. This is so symbolic of one’s ain “paths” . No 1 of class can see the result of the at hand picks that we make or are about to do.

In the following stanza. he chooses a way that he wishes to take. “Then I took the other. every bit merely as just. Because it was grassy and wanted wear. ” ( Frost. 1916 ) . Interrupting down the narrative. both the writer and thereby the talker would hold the reader believe that the two roads. in footings of their visual aspect. are both every bit delighting to the oculus. But in the line. “as merely as fair” ( Frost. 1916 ) . he wants the reader to believe that the two roads and thereby the two picks are different. but could be every bit merely every bit good.

The talker is still diffident as to which way he truly wants to take. He describes the way as being “perhaps” better. However. it looks as though it hasn’t been used every bit frequently as the other. Frost used the initial rhyme. “wanted wear” . This really meant that it lacked used.

The talker becomes improbably indecisive. Merely when the reader thinks that the talker has made a determination. he says once more how the roads are about the same. The phrase “the passing there” ( Frost. 1916 ) significance traffic. could intend people who are walking like him.

We so acquire a glance into the clip of twenty-four hours in which this determination devising is taking topographic point in the line “And both that forenoon every bit lay. In leaves no measure had trodden black” ( Frost. 1916 ) . and besides that in the country in which he stood. the foliages that have fallen. have non been stepped on and thereby had non changed colour on the land.

The talker seems to jab merriment at his demand to do this determination with the line “Oh! I kept the first for another day” ( Frost. 1916 ) He says that he will travel back to the route that he is apparently taking non to take. another twenty-four hours. Here is another illustration of how this verse form has transcended clip. One ever thinks or hopes that the picks that we make can somehow be undone. The impression that one time we get to a certain point. if we for some ground do non like the manner that things are traveling. the route that we are taking if you will. that we can ever turn around and travel back if our initial determination has failed. Then he seems to state merely that in the line” Yet cognizing how manner leads on to manner. I doubted if I should of all time come back” ( Frost. 1916 ) . He realizes that the thought of coming back to this initial topographic point. is pathetic. One ne’er knows how one determination can take to another and another and yet another taking us so far off from the first determination. that we would non be able to see from whence we began and basically non being able to travel back.

The talker moves frontward in clip ; many old ages from the primary determination. This allows the reader to deduce that the pick that the talker is doing or has already made. is one of great import. one that could perchance impact him so much that he will be speaking about it for old ages to come. When the talker says “ I shall be stating this with a suspiration. Eleanor Sickels is quoted to state that “the verse form is about the human inclination to coggle illogically in determination and subsequently to presume that the determination was. after all. logical and tremendously of import. but everlastingly to state of it ‘with a sigh’ as striping the talker of who-knows-what interesting experience. ” ( World Wide Web. wikipedia. org. October 2011 )

As we reach the decision of the verse form. the talker repeats the first line of the verse form. and now we know which way he chose “and I—Took the 1 less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. ” ( Frost. 1916 ) . The talker has made the determination to take the route that few others have taken. one that could either positively or negatively impact his life everlastingly. The decision of the verse form does non nevertheless state us whether or non the talker was a failure or a success. It could perchance depend on whether the reader is a pessimist or an optimist.

The subject of this narrative is picks. Frost uses symbolism and imagination to paint a perfect image of how one by and large makes determinations. In the beginning of the verse form we are placed in a radiance yellow wooded country in the early forenoon along with a immature adult male. forced to do a determination that will alter him everlastingly. Wow! The power of the pen! The power to automatically be beamed into a state of affairs that is so evocative of our ain battle. is one that has been mastered clip and clip once more. yet this verse form likely has more significance today than it did in 1916 when it was written. So many in the U. S. . due to miss of money. experience. or thrust. have been forced to do determinations that have left many merely one payroll check off from homelessness.

Did Mr Frost know at the clip how much of an impact this verse form would hold on the universe? Did he cognize that after about one-hundred ( 100 ) old ages that he would be written about in footings of great literature? One can merely trust that. with all of his many plants. Mr. Frost knew that his verse forms and short narratives would solidify his topographic point in English literature forever.


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