Status Of Women In Collector Of Treasures English Literature Essay Free Essay

DIKELEDI: ( enters the hut after completing all the family choirs and finds Garesego laid sprawled across the bed ) .ohh! ! There he is! Liing on the bed, unguarded and defenseless. His courtesan had no uncertainty taught him that the right manner for a work forces to travel to bed, was naked. A society with such work forces is like.They are really ego-centric, selfish.such work forces are like sex crazed Canis familiariss, bulls and even donkeys. They play about from adult female to adult female and accept no duty for the immature 1s they procreate. That ‘s merely so gross outing of them. The lone thing they consider to extreme is holding sex. He made me pregnant thrice in 4 old ages and abandoned me afterwards. And more of that he still lives in the same small town but displays no duty towards us and does n’t even recognize when passing by.

I know his lone purpose of coming over here is to utilize me as an object of sex. Of class, what else can such an evil adult male with a dominating nature even believe of? But I would n’t allow him win in his purposes, my life has become sanctum to me during all the old ages when he was off and I had struggled to keep myself and my 3 kids with the lone accomplishments I had of knitwork, stitching, and weaving baskets. And now he is at that place to sully it. No ways, that would n’t go on. I would n’t allow him sully my holy life.

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DIKELEDI: Garesego! Garesego! Wake up. I want to hold a word with you.

GARESEGO: but what ‘s incorrect? Do n’t you see I ‘m kiping? Why non merely kip for now and we will speak tomorrow early forenoon.

DIKELEDI: no, I want to speak to you right now and I mean it.

GARESEGO: ok. What is it?

DIKELEDI: As you know I had opened a nest eggs history at the station office in order to hold some standby money to pay the fees for banabothe but in malice of all that salvaging, I am still short on R20.00 to cover the fees.

GARESEGO: so what do you desire me to make?

DIKELEDI: I want to cognize if you can assist me with banabothe ‘s school fees.

GARESEGO: did n’t I tell you my reply that I will believe about it subsequently. Then why are you trouble oneselfing me with it over and over.

DIKELEDI: why non now? If you can pay that married adult female ‘s brood of kids than why non your ain kids. Why do n’t you accept some duty towards them? They are your ain kids, your ain blood. Damm…

GARESEGO: why are you inquiring me? Travel ask Paul who provides you with all that nutrient and grain. He will even pay for your kid ‘s fees.

DIKELEDI: you know the job with you. You think that I pay him back by holding sex with him for giving me pokes of nutrient and grain. You are so inexpensive, sex crazed Canis familiaris. He is non like you work forces ‘s, he is really sort, lovingness and responsible towards the household. He is a honorable person. Unlike you who in malice of even remaining in the same small town, does n’t trouble oneself to inquire about your ain kids.

GARESEGO: lower your tone.women in Africa are non allowed to raise their voices in forepart of their hubbies. And you do n’t necessitate to care where I go, what I do and stuff, you merely need to remain in the house, produce kids and expression after them. That ‘s all.

DIKELEDI: We adult females in Africa go through a figure of adversities in our life from the clip of maintaining the babe in our tummy for 9 months, feeding the babe when it comes on Earth. And you consider it as that ‘s all. And after when you left me for those other adult females in the society whom you found more exciting. I still remained a pious and virtuous adult female despite the adversity of being a individual female parent. I even managed to feed my 3 boies and myself by working my accomplishments of weaving, knitting and run uping.

GARESEGO: ( slaps her ) shut up. I do n’t care about all that.

DIKELEDI: and we even need to manage this mistreatment in our mundane lives as if it ‘s a day-to-day class of the twenty-four hours. And all this is merely so because us adult females ‘s in African societies do n’t bask equal position and esteem alongside work forces. No admiration if we did so, we would n’t populate such unfortunate lives and nor face calamities as evident in my life.

GARESEGO: ( goes to kip disregarding her )

DIKELEDI: I knew he would n’t pay for my kid ‘s fees but I was weak and incapacitated like any other African adult females without any voice or power in society and hence incapable of halting my hubby from sing me.

If I wrote back, do n’t you make bold put pes in the pace ; I do n’t desire to see you. He would disregard it.

I hence understood that I ‘m weak and suppressed by a strong patriarchal society.

GARESEGO: Woman wo n’t you come to bed! I ‘m tired of waiting.

DIKELEDI: yes. merely a minute. ( Pulling the knife )

( Aside ) He is utilizing his male laterality merely to diss and sully me. And I ca n’t accept him who merely came back to utilize me as an object of sex and so throw me back after utilizing me. And I see no other option, but to slay him, to support myself from such befoulment. I ca n’t accept him because he continued to populate an immoral life, by kiping about with many adult females in the small town. If he ca n’t pay my kid ‘s fees so what is he here for? To hold sex, to utilize me one time more and so…this would n’t happen.i will kill him but I wo n’t endure.


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