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The rubric of the novels symbolizes something which gives us an thought about the novels. The symbolism of The Bell Jar demonstrates that Esther feels that she has become dead. She states that no affair where she goes, or would hold the chance to travel would non do any difference. Esther would still be enclosed in the bell jar that is smothering her. She would be unable to experience, or respond, to anything. “ I would be sitting under the same glass bell jar, grizzling in my ain rancid air. ” While the Thief and the Canis familiariss Naguib Mahfouz set up his characters as different symbols throughout the novel. The stealer plays a protagonist function whereas the Canis familiaris plays its counterpart.A Mahfouz uses this division as black and white. The reader can detect the first brace of stealers and Canis familiariss in the first chapter as Said versus the universe after he gets out of prison.A The universe is no longer as he knows it.A The universe he one time fought, loved, and cared for has deserted him. Another brace of stealers and Canis familiariss involves Said one time again.A Illish turns out to be the culprit in this situation.A He exemplifies the traits of a truly ugly dog.A He betrays his instructor and wise man, Said, by stealing his married woman and kid, and so puting Said up to acquire caught by the cops.A This is the general character supporter, antagonist couple of the novel.A Said struggles the whole narrative to accomplish revenge.A Other Canis familiariss include characters like Rauf and Nabawiyya.

Both the novels are autobiographical every bit good as a fiction. The bell jar dressed ores on Esther Greenwood whose life is similar to Sylvia Plath. Sylvia Plath excelled in school and developed a strong involvement in composing and pulling. In 1950, she won a scholarship to go to Smith College, where she majored in English. . The Bell Jar recounts, in somewhat fictionalized signifier, the events of the summer and fall after Plath ‘s junior twelvemonth. Like Esther, Sylvia Plath was invited to function as invitee editor for a adult female ‘s magazine in New York. After returning to Wellesley for the balance of the summer, she had a nervous dislocation and attempted self-destruction. But the lone difference between Sylvia Plath and Esther Greenwood is that at the terminal Sylvia Plath ends her life by gassing herself in the kitchen while Esther Greenwood corsets alive and gets an chance to populate a 2nd life. The Thief and the Dogs dressed ores on Said Maharan, whose character is based on a real-life scoundrel Mohmoud Suleiman, a condemnable whose effort to kill his married woman and her attorney became popular in the Egypt and made him a dishonorable famous person. Like his real-life opposite number, Said Mahran briefly wins the esteem of a public sympathetic to his battle against personal treachery and political corruptness.

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The characters in the novels fundamentally are challenged with their lives. But Esther greenwood is confused of what she has to accomplish in her life while Said Mahran feels betrayed and want to take retaliation on all those people who betrayed him. Esther greenwood wants to be a author and while holding a conversation with the editor of the adult females ‘s magazine she said that she is non certain of what she want to make in the hereafter. This clearly shows that she was confused about her hereafter and who she should follow ; her female parent who was a typical old twenty-four hours American adult females or other intern like Doreen who live her life independently, without any limitations. While on the other manus, Said Mahran wants to take retaliation. He was betrayed by Nabawiyya and Ilish Sidra who were responsible for directing him to the prison. His chief motivation was to take retaliation but he ne’er understood that the people who he was believing betrayed him really did n’t bewray him. They changed harmonizing to the clip but Said was non ready to accommodate the new society.

The chief subject in the Thief and the Dogs is Revenge. Almost every one of Said Mahran ‘s ideas and actions are based on retaliation. Naguib Mahfouz wastes no clip in doing Said ‘s one end known by holding the storyteller tell us of his purposes. “ And the hr was coming when he would face them, when his fury would detonate and fire, when those who had betrayed him would despair unto decease, when perfidy would pay for what it had done ” ( pg13 ) . The chief subject in the Bell jar is Role of Women in the society. The novel is a review, from the point of position of a extremely gifted immature adult female, of the 1950s American household, with its clearly defined functions for work forces and adult females. As Esther presents the issue, the work forces hold all the interesting occupations, and the adult females have no pick but to remain at place and cook, clean and have kids. They are supposed to supply emotional heat and security while the work forces fulfil their aspirations in the universe. Esther can non bear the idea of such a life, which she would hold if she married the conventional Buddy Willard. She would hold no better chances if she married Constantin, the translator, or any other adult male of her familiarity. As she puts it, “ This seemed a drab and otiose life for a miss with 15 old ages of straight A ‘s. ” Esther lacks a function theoretical account whom she should follow. This fresh fundamentally tells us about the life of a in-between category American miss who is confused which function of adult females she should take and do her as her function theoretical account. This leads her to madness but subsequently she discovers her ain strength and failings.

Basically these two novels deal with the interior feelings of the supporters. Like Esther Greenwood, she is smothering with the social force per unit area, while Said Mahran wants to take retaliation. Both the novels gave us a expression at the life of the supporters ; both the characters are different from each other but they have a job from the society. They can non accommodate to the new society after the alterations took topographic point.

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