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The drama The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams uses plentifulness of symbolism that is reasonably difficult to catch. Every character in the drama has a few hidden symbols that represent them in their ain manner. Laura is the girl in the drama and she has a few symbols that truly stand out. After closely reading Williams ‘ drama, the symbols that best represent for Laura are the glass menagerie, bluish roses, and the unicorn.

Although it is besides the name of the drama, the glass menagerie is besides a symbol for one of the characters in the drama. Laura has a disability with her leg and she has to have on a brace. She feels as if everyone merely stares at that and she gets really nervous when she is around a batch of people. She one clip threw up in category because she was supposed to make something in forepart of the category. At place, Laura ‘s female parent is really rigorous on her to acquire some gentleman companies. Laura wants to be crystalline from the universe and that is one ground that the glass menagerie represents Laura. Glass is crystalline most of the clip, and that is how Laura feels she wants to be in public. The other ground that the glass menagerie represents Laura is because glass is really delicate and easy to interrupt and it seems that Laura is really delicate. Laura is merely a nervous individual in general and if person of all time hurt her feelings, she seems as if she could interrupt at any minute. There are many other grounds the glass menagerie represents Laura, but those two stand out.

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Roses are a beautiful flower and they are adored by many. Most of the clip, you see ruddy roses, as they are the most popular. If there is such a thing, bluish roses would be really rare and likely really idolized and beautiful. Laura has a high school crush ; it is the first male child she of all time liked. She saved his yearbook image and everything. Equally nervous as Laura was, she truly wanted to speak to him. One twenty-four hours they were speaking and he asked what her disability was, and she answered the name. He misunderstood the disability and thought she said bluish roses. From so on, every clip he talked to her, he referred to her as bluish roses. The bluish roses symbolize what Laura wants to be. Laura wants to be beautiful and adored by many people and she feels that if she is with this adult male, she will be. Blue roses are rare and beautiful, and that is one manner to depict Laura.

In the drama, Laura has a disability which is truly difficult to detect, but she seems to be paranoid by it. In world, it is truly difficult to detect and no 1 of all time says anything to her about it, but she still thinks people merely notice that. Laura turns to her glass figures for comfort in the drama. She has a broad aggregation of them and she cares really much about them. In one portion of the narrative, her brother Tom throws his coat and he hits her glass menagerie and interrupt one of the figures. Laura is highly upset by this inadvertent breakage of her glass figure and she seems to be really disquieted about it. Then when her and her high school crush start seeing each other, it seems like he has changed Laura for the better. She likes him a batch and she even decides to give him one of her glass figures as a present to demo how much he means to her. He gives her a unicorn, a fabulous animal that is highly rare and beautiful. A unicorn expressions like a Equus caballus but it has one horn coming from its caput. One twenty-four hours the two are dancing in the life room of the house of the cat. They do non detect how close they are to the tabular array that has the unicorn on top of it. They bump into it and the unicorn falls to the floor and the horn interruptions off of it. The old Laura would hold been highly disquieted and gone into some kind of depression over one of her glass figures interrupting, because they mean the universe to her. But this clip alternatively of acquiring upset about it, Laura picks it up and says, “ Now it merely looks like all the other Equus caballuss ” ( Williams 324 ) . This one sentence from the full drama can stand for that Laura has decidedly changed and she truly cares for this cat.

Peoples may reason that the narrative has manner more concealed symbols to stand for Laura and they may besides reason that these three points are non the best 1s for Laura. Peoples may state that the glass menagerie is a symbol for everyone in the drama. Although that may be true, it seems to me that most of the narrative would turn out that Laura is more greatly represented by the glass menagerie than any other character. Tom is her brother ; he is a free spirit that wants nil more than to acquire out of the commanding manus of his female parent. To me, I could non see any portion of the narrative that would reason that the glass menagerie represents Tom. Her female parent, Amanda, may besides be represented by the glass menagerie. Although the narrative seems to state that her ma was a beautiful adult female, she seems to be a strong adult female. Glass is a really delicate thing, and it will interrupt really easy. Laura seems to be a beautiful miss, but she is really self witting about her visual aspect and she seems to be highly delicate. All it would take is for one individual she cares about to state something about her disability and she will interrupt. Besides, it seems that Laura cares more about the glass menagerie in the narrative than any other character. I do agree with the fact that there are more concealed symbols within the drama itself, but I feel as if the three listed above represent Laura in the best manner.

In decision, The Glass Menagerie is a really entertaining and inspiring narrative. There are many concealed symbols within the drama that you have to pay really close attending to catch. Although there are more characters in the narrative, the focal point seemed to be more on Laura than anyone else. Laura has many symbols that represent her in the narrative, but the three that stand out the most are the glass menagerie, bluish roses, and the unicorn.

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