The Awakening A Woman Originally Known English Literature Essay Free Essay

First of wholly, the assorted different houses Edna lived in represent the different phases of Edna ‘s waking up. However, in each one of the houses she seems to experience something different ; to indicate out, all these different houses are steps towards her waking up. In the first house on Grand-Isle, she accepts her function as a traditional Victorian Era married woman, and shows no marks in effort to alter that. Hence, this shows that the Grand-Isle house symbolizes the phase of Edna ‘s life in which she courageously decided to claim her dissension against social positions towards adult females. Nevertheless, one time she moved to New Orleans to run into with her friends Robert and Madame Antoine, she realizes that life has more significance to it than merely being a typical homemaker. In contrast, she begins to recap on the childhood memories she experienced with Robert, which triggered her to reason that she was non prosecuting her aspiration to populate a life of freedom. The New Orleans house represents the first stairss of Edna ‘s waking up because of her new realisation. Since Madame Antoine ‘s house is merely a impermanent place for Edna until she returns back to her house in Grand Isle, when she returns back to her hubby ‘s house she feels isolated and does non wish it at all. The isolation compels her to desire to get away and acquire the freedom she desires. This was a common issue with the adult females in the Victorian Era as their function in society was to acquire married and expression after the homely jobs such as doing repasts for their hubbies and kids, and doing apparels for everyone. The adult females of this clip period had no say in whether they wanted to acquire married or non and in A Edna ‘s instance, she was forced to get married her hubby because her staying single would be unacceptable. The bulk of adult females were forced to get married because it was merely a necessity for endurance. Since society prevented adult females from doing their ain life, there was an ineluctable dependance upon a adult male ‘s income. The adult females of the Victorian Era were “ Barred by jurisprudence and usage from come ining trades and professions by which they could back up themselves, and restricted in the ownership of belongings, adult female had merely one agencies of support, that of matrimony ” ( Kent, 1990 ) .

The birds are another important symbol in The Awakening. Edna is represented as a bird in a coop because of her deficiency of freedom. The parrot in the beginning of the fresh signifies Edna because it is stuck in the coop and can non get away, merely as Edna can non get away the dependance she has on her hubby and besides has a deficiency of freedom. Edna feels as if her life has been taken over by the duties she has as a married woman and mother.The mocker in the narrative represents Mademoiselle Reisz. The mocker is the lone bird that can understand the parrots linguistic communication. In comparing, Mademoiselle is Edna ‘s lone friend and is the lone 1 that understands her while society looks down upon her ideas on adult females ‘s the freedom. The adult females in the Victorian Era were similar to the caged birds as they had no existent freedom and their lone option was to go a married woman and female parent. Just as a caged bird is merely able to make certain things in its coop, the adult females in this epoch merely had some rights and the “ work forces retained many more rights and privileges than adult females ” ( Quinault, 2009 ) . Yet another analogue between the birds and the human characters of the novel is the bird with the broken wing and Edna as the bird represents Edna ‘s failure to obtain the freedom that she desires. Mademoiselle tells her that in order to win she must hold strong wings, which foreshadows Edna ‘s failure and decease particularly when the broken-winged bird is an apparent representation of Edna

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The last symbol in “ The Awakening ” is the sea which symbolizes freedom and flight. When Edna is at the beach house in New Orleans, she meets Robert, a adult male that makes her experience alive and free. It reminded her of her yearss as a child. When she was in the H2O she was reminded her of how she had so much freedom when she was younger. The sea represents Edna ‘s aspiration to go an independent adult female. Whenever she swims in the sea she feels like she can get away her duties and merely swim off. The sea is besides a symbol of metempsychosis and cleaning. The sea foreshadows Edna ‘s decease because she states how she would merely love to swim to the center of the ocean to accomplish the freedom she ever wanted. It makes the reader admiration if the sea will be the manner she dies. Since she has felt stray all her life by her hubby and pull the leg of the lone manner she can make her freedom is through the ocean. Edna committed self-destruction because she could non manage being under isolation any longer and felt that decease was the lone manner she could get away. Many of the adult females in the Victorian Era felt as if they had to trust on their hubbies for excessively all of money and they had no independency. Many wanted their ain occupations but they were n’t allowed to make in A the norms of the Victorian Era.

The symbols that Kate Chopin uses in “ The Awakening ” show the passage of Edna ‘s old personality comparison to the new, much changed Edna. Each of the different symbols have to make with the rousing procedure. The houses indicate how indecisive Enda is, the birds indicate freedom and the ability to wing off and in conclusion the sea symbolizes freedom and how decease might happen.

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