The Bronte Sisters Consciousness Of Female Independence English Literature Essay Free Essay

This essay deciphers the lives of the Bronte Sisters and their celebrated plants Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey. Besides, it analyzes their sense of independency every bit good as their influence as innovators and female intellectuals.

This essay includes many facets in each of the Bronte Sisters ‘ lives, including the background of the clip they write their novels and why they wrote them. The whole essay is based on detecting the consciousness of female independency in the novels of all three Bronte Sisters, who in their articles created many mimic and seemingly characterized functions, Jane Eyre, Agnes Grey and Cathy. They all represents a sort of positive spirit of female independency and interim helped expressed the entreaty of adult females ‘s autonomy.

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This essay starts from the positions of their lives and ends with how they created the character in their novels, to the full set uping a construct of how the Bronte Sisters showing their consciousness in both their lives and plants.


In the first half of nineteenth century, the United Kingdom in the Victorian epoch was still dominated by males, merely few chances left for females. However, as the Bronte Sisters were going celebrated with their three classical novels: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey, the drape of feminist motion was lifting and adult females started to vie for their ain rights.

The Bronte Sisters ‘ plants marked a new phase in the development of the English novels. In the intervention of the societal dealingss and conditions they are realistic and, from this point of position, might be regarded as the first representatives of critical pragmatism in England. But they besides established an wholly new, passionately emotional and romantic quality in their novels.

Today there is besides an establishment in England, known as The Bronte Society, which has members all over the universe. Every twelvemonth the Society issues a volume incorporating surveies on the Bronte Sister. One of the responsibilities of the Society is to administrate The Bronte Parsonage Museum, established in the household place at Haworth.


Social base of the consciousness of female independency

The clip that the Bronte Sisters lived was an epoch that adult male was superior to adult female with a prohibiting hierarchy, which was besides a disruptive period. Capitalism was spread outing and exposing more and more possible drawbacks of it ; the contradiction between labour and capital was declining ; the figure of unemployment was increasing with poorer and poorer status, a great sum of kid labours were tortured brutally and dead. Under such a historical background, it was truly a miracle that there emerged three litterateurs together in a normal clergyman household.

For the Bronte Sisters, in their short lives, they suffered plenty from the anguish and torment, besides some felicitousness. What tortured them so much was the doomed of female parent when they were really immature, the consecutive decease of friends, their thankless lives and even the necessity of giving up the lives. However, it was still really lucky that they had a really rational and knowing male parent Patrick Bronte. Their female parent Maria was besides a talented, inventive adult female. These all provided them outstanding built-in cistrons. When they were really immature, clergyman taught them the ability to read and compose, which had profound effects on them.

The Bronte lived in little town named Haworth located in York Shire, which was a distant topographic point to populate. The Bronte Sisters saw the bettering capitalistic society in town, yet they were besides influenced by the boorishness of the countryside. Their household had a different repute in the society. Patrick got an income of 200 lbs yearly, 20 times more than their retainers on norm, but it seemed reasonably hapless for them when compared with those nobility and landlords who got 1000s of lbs of income. Before the jurisprudence of fundamental instruction was enacted, the Bronte Sisters had already taken instructions. There was a great part of the nonreaders in that country, therefore they had a higher repute than most of the inhabitants at that place. Nevertheless, the Bronte Sisters still could non sit a passenger car, travel about, wear dedicate vesture and purchase premier furniture as those rich enterprisers did. The Bronte Sisters ‘ acquisition independency, experiences of being private instructors and the particular societal positions of neither household members nor retainers were the keys to their successes.


Continuous acquisition and self-denial

The house of the reverend was located at the top of the mountain, around with aridity and poorness. The Bronte Sisters had ne’er tasted any materialized banquets, even non a plaything. Although populating under such a bad status, these childs were all intelligent by natural gifts, widely reading since really immature. In September, 1824, 8 year-old Charlotte was sent to Cowan Bridge School to analyze ; in November, 6 year-old Emil was sent to the same school. On twelvemonth subsequently, Patrick picked Charlotte and Emily backed place because of the enlargement of the lung disease. Since that clip, they had ne’er been at school and began to self-study, read and write verse forms at place. 15 year-old Charlotte got the chance to analyze in Roe Head, where she was satisfied with curiousness and to the full exerted her abilities. During the 2 old ages survey, she made two friends with whom Charlotte promised to maintain in contact in France in order to better their speech production accomplishments. In 1835, in order to do her lone small brother who was larning pulling afford to travel to the Royal College, she returned to the school in Roe Head to go a instructor. It was three old ages that Charlotte had worked gloomily under the restricted regulation in school. During this period, she tried to compose few verse forms and sent them to the celebrated poet at the clip, Southey, so was mocked. Adversity gave her a self-esteem personality. Two old ages subsequently, Charlotte taught her small sisters study all by her ain. She one time wanted to open a school. In 1842, Charlotte and her small sister, 24 year-old Emily went to a linguistic communication school in Brussels to analyze French and German. The outstanding literary endowments of these two British pupils were shortly recognized by Herge, who one time appraised that Emily had the endowments of logical thought and fluency which were seldom seen on a adult male, yet more cherished on a adult female. She was supposed to be a adult male, a great sailing master. [ 1 ] When the servant Tabby was weak with old age, staff of life for the whole household was made by Emily, who initiatively undertook the housekeeping. Yet we could ever see her working dough, reading German books, while Anne was still a private instructor around the hometown.


Widely reading and the favour of composing

Their male parent taught them read, pull, play the piano and sing. Their versatility had become a footstone for their future actual freshnesss. The Bronte Sisters were so supported and encouraged by their male parent that one could happen the whole sets of chef-d’oeuvres everyplace in their house: Shakspere, Milton, Wordsworth, Southey, Byron, Wolf and so on. Their male parent besides allowed and encouraged them to borrow books from the Kelley Library 4 stat mis off. They thirstily had read all the books and magazines every bit much as possible. Writing was still their favourite thing to make. When the Bronte Sisters were still at their age of solitariness, for their demands of religious lives, in secret ran an “ Belowground Publication ” , composing with crowded and heavy letters on merely 2-inch books. They had aspirations of being authors since really immature, and were continuously weaving their beautiful dreams with felicity. Charlotte and her small brother Branwell together ran a little publication of magazines with transcripts, by which their essay Angila Legend was published. Later on, Emily and Anne besides together wrote Gondal Legend. Some of the preserved transcripts by the Bronte Sisters during their childhood already to the full exhibited their initial endowments. In January 1846, the Bronte Sisters used the money that their aunt gave them to print a set of poesies, in which they all used their unisex pen-names: Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, in which besides, they retained the first letters of their first names ( missive C, E, A and B ) . This set of poesies did n’t pull many attendings in the literature circles, when there were merely two sets sold. In the same twelvemonth, Charlotte finished her full-length novel the professor and so began to compose Jane Eyre. In 1847, Wuthering Highs by Emily and Agnes Grey by Anne were published at the same time. The consecutive publication of these three novels subsequently on had become the imperishable pieces in their short lives, which was besides the bodily authorship of the reviews of their lives and the religious Hagiographas of looks of their ain emotions.


Assorted composing resources as being a instructor with duties

Bronte Sisters ‘ household had a really bantam income, with the short of money. To exist, Bronte Sisters in turn went out to be private instructors. In the clip they were populating, private instructor was the lone career that the adult female could be engaged in. The instructors in rich households normally had low societal positions, even worse than the retainers. They had low wages, heavy loads of work and no respects. The kept woman normally commanded them to make many hodgepodges, working them every bit possible as she can. What made them even more painful was that the immature Masterss and ladies in rich households had frequently been spoiled and indulged, therefore really wayward. Many of those kids already exposed the shadows of their immoralities. Once Anne dissuaded her pupils non to play in the stable, and so, surprisingly, the bigger male child instigated his small brother to throw stones to her, hitting her temples. Afterwards, when the kept woman asked what happened to her lesion at caput, Anne merely answered somewhat, “ one occasional accident ” . That blue male child so was moved, and bit by bit liked and respected her, stating to his female parent one clip, “ I love Ms. Anne Bronte! ” This supposed to be a really cherished patterned advance of this kid, which was besides a really human action, but the male child ‘s female parent out of the blue exclaimed, “ Oh my God, you dare to state you love your private instructor? ” It served to demo the low position and the hapless individuality of a private instructor in Victorian Times. In most instances, private instructors were those first-class adult females who had a hapless background, whereas they besides had taken good instructions with respects, cognition and independent personalities. Confronting the humiliation, Agnes Grey could merely declaim softly, “ You can crump me, but ne’er repress me! ”

For those private instructors, the world was reasonably barbarous, because they were higher than the secular tendencies and different from normal female. Confronting with the anti-intellectual of the society with restricted hierarchy, they had nil but baronial personalities and never-say-die self-respects. The disparity between spiritualty and world, nobility and poorness made them destined to endure more wretchedness than normal hapless misss, the hurting of intelligence and hurting of spiritualties. We could state that they were the first adult females in the work force, with the consciousness of independency of modern adult females ; at least they wanted to interrupt through the societal bond in their novels, in which the supporters even leaded apes in snake pit because they did non desire to condescend to get married. The private instructors, those extraordinary adult females exhibiting the glamor of adult females ‘s life, reflecting the visible radiation of the self-respect of persons, composed a beautiful and unusual race in the history of feminisms. What they want to accomplish is the equality, freedom and independency of the adult females, which is the emancipation of adult females ‘s spiritualties. For the adult females themselves, the independency of political relations, economic system and societal position is non tantamount to the liberty in the personality. Merely that the adult females, in religious, want to accomplish amour propre, self-independence, self-esteem and self-respect, they could obtain the emancipation in the existent significance. The first thing adult females needed to interrupt away from was the bonds of senses they were have oning, which was put on by themselves. Their broken lives excited their strong outrages. Charlotte felt much more discriminated and lonely. She hated the occupation


of a private instructor, go forthing the occupation in few months for two times, whereas this experience provided important resources for Jane Eyre. In the sedulous and occlusive lives, the Bronte Sisters frequently utilized the small clip that was left in the trim clip to compose actively at dark, which was regarded by them as an unsnarling of their boring and draining work. The calling of private instructor helped her accumulate plentifulness of life resources, which became the base of her originative authorship in the hereafter. As a accomplished adult female, Jane Eyre embodied her significance here. Jane Eyre may be regarded as one of the precursor of feminisms.


Self-esteem, self-renewal and self-improvement

Rolling and savoring in the sea of books, sharpening and introspecting in life, the Bronte Sisters eventually realized the most cardinal sticking point of the society was that, in this male-dominated society, adult male ruled all things with adult females as accoutrements. To alter this state of affairs, adult females should hold their ain self-respects, their ain independent individualities and positions and their ain life places, cognizing their kernels of lives ; at least they should be independent in their spiritualties. This was the really initial disenchantment of the Bronte Sisters ‘ consciousness of feminisms, a really start of adult females doing attempts in endeavoring for their ain rights and position.

What made a so sarcastic reverse to them was that their cosseted small brother Branwell had grown up to be obscene, addicted to chancing and fond of drink and drugs, depraved to be a bondage to frailty. In the household with great sum of members and a male parent with a low wage, he spent all the money saved on nutrient and disbursals by his sisters in standard instructions, but drabbling with both survey and calling. To back up him to pattern drawing and go an creative person, his three sisters decided to populate in a low residence, go forthing out a room for him to pull.

In 1848, because of long clip of taking drink and drug, their lone brother Branwell had been infected with lung disease, and so died in September. This should be unsnarling for the Bronte Sisters ; the subject with morality of Anne ‘s 2nd full-length novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was straight associating with the contemplation of his brother ‘s life.

After Jane Eyre doing a esthesis and acquiring affirmatives in London, Charlotte put his plants in forepart of his pa, acknowledging she was the writer of this book. When she decided to be engaged in composing novels, doing money from composing and acquiring off from the bonds of their destiny, her male parent told her, it is excessively difficult to be a author, and it was better to maintain her head on learning. From the composing back from the poet laureate at the clip Robert Southey we could see the attitude towards adult females authors, “ Literature besides could non be the womb-to-tomb occupation for adult females. “ [ 2 ] However, the Bronte Sisters did n’t believe merely work forces can be authors, as what Charlotte had said, “ Women has the some emotion as work forces, and they were merely like their brothers who besides need to use their endowments and a topographic point to exercise their intelligence. ” [ 3 ] They were with their bosom at authorship, get downing to compose novels more assiduously. Their incidents of lives, strength of personalities and handwriting for adult females therefore had become a factual legendary narrative without rendering.

One that permeated the most in Jane Eyre was besides this idea, consciousness of female independency. This sort of consciousness has been embodied on Jane Eyre vividly and incisively. Let us seek to conceive of, if the independency of Jane Eyre had been strangled in her childhood depending on person for a life ; if she had been married with Rochester who had married woman and girl and so began to hold a new life, holding adequate money and


nice societal position, without that independency ; if she did n’t hold that pureness in nature, the Jane Eyre in our manus would hold ne’er become one of the most moving and aspirant classics. Therefore, that was why Jane Eyre made us traveling and so fondled admiringly- her personality of independency and her seductive personality appeal. This sort of consciousness of female independency was merely what was considered as a important character of modern adult females. So that was why Jane Eyre has been liked by so many modern adult females, where they found the key to success. Presents, with progressively higher position of adult females, they can non be dependent with adult male any more, believing that merely if one gets marry with a rich hubby, she could sit back and relax. The facts told us that, if you want to acquire the existent felicity, you can non depend on others, larning to be independent. From Jane Eyre, we saw ‘Independence ‘ ; we saw ‘Striving ‘ ; we saw ‘Indomitability ‘ ; we saw ‘Courage ‘ . Therefore, Jane Eyre had become a authoritative among all the independent female character. No affair hapless or rich, beautiful or ugly, all can hold a nice bosom and a rich head, an character of independency and the personal live of strength, accomplishing the equality in spirit between work forces and adult females.


The looks in their several novels

Jane Eyre was published in 1847, and was considered as the first one of the most outstanding adult females ‘s river novel. It was truly hard for Charlotte Bronte. What was worthier mentioning is that she expressed her strong positions of female independency. Jane Eyre was a particular and independent miss since a child. Neither the humiliations brought by her average aunt and cousins in her suffering childhood, nor the deep depression of the decease of a close friend and the cold indifference of the environment in the female school, had non forced her to give up her ain beliefs. She all along thought that she was a adult female who could believe otherwise and independently, possessing the power of taking her ain manner in life. Jane Eyre was non willing to be an accoutrement like a normal adult female, giving out her life to another adult male. So when Rochester tested Jane Eyre, she courageously shouted, about losing her pique: “ Do you believe I could remain here to go nil to you? Make you thinkA because I am hapless and vague and plain that I ‘m soulless and heartless? I have every bit much psyche as you and to the full every bit much bosom. And if God had gifted me with wealth and beauty, I should hold made it as difficult for you to go forth me every bit… as it is now for me to go forth you. There, I ‘ve spoken my bosom, now, allow me travel! ” [ 5 ] Her words could decidedly number for her intensified looks of her height towards love and matrimony and her strong consciousness of female independency.

As a private instructor in that clip, Jane Eyre was impacting all the people around her in her ain manner and by her ain characteristic, strongly showing the writer, Charlotte Bronte ‘s height towards the societal state of affairss at that clip and female independency. Jane Eyre had long kept her ain positions towards love and matrimony. Another sort of male character is San John, who profoundly believed in his faith, devoutly functioning his life to god as his responsibility. He wanted Jane Eyre joined his all life ‘s work, experiencing that Jane Eyre would decidedly follow his thoughts. He thought even though there would be some differences, these differences would come to unison really shortly. His misdemeanor to the power of Jane Eyre really reflected the general height towards adult females at that clip. Jane Eyre steadfastly opposed him this clip, because that truly reached her bottom line. She sacrificed so much for her power and her consciousness of female independency. This narrative eventually ended with a comparatively comfy calamity. A fire took topographic point in Thornfield Garden, which means that a new start will go on here. Because of this large fire, Jane Eyre eventually got back to Thornfield Garden and decided to get married Rochester and pass her remainder of life with him. Although Rochester became blind in that fire, Jane Eyre still kept her ain height towards all these. Jane Eyre ‘s consciousness of female independency moved Rochester and all the readers. Although their organic structure might be flaw, their love was full. Even at a really large monetary value, Jane Eyre insisted her ain find in the field of female independency and had created her ain manner of protecting her power and accomplishing her felicity.

Similar as Jane Eyre, Agnes Grey had long kept the same desire of prosecuting female independency all through her life. A rich merchandiser, Mr. Bromfield started dissing Grey at


the first glimpse. He would experience offended merely because his cook did n’t cut the meat in the manner he wanted. His deficiencies of upbringing make Grey feel ashamed for him. The married woman of this rich merchandiser was blindly pampering her kids. One of her amah was fired because she one time lectured her imperviable and barbarous boy. Her small brother, Uncle Robertson, was particularly a scoundrel. He instigated those kids to kill birds and little animate beings for merriment. However, Agnes Grey, in malice of bitterness of her maestro, steadfastly stood out to halt them, which instantly triggered a battle between her and her kept woman. She was fired really shortly and she so found another rich host before long. However, Agnes Grey was still witnessing the secret plans and battles against each other among blue bloods. Who made a strong contrast to those rich people are the immature instructor Agnes Grey, the reverend Weston and the old countrywoman Nancy. Although they did non hold money and power, they were moral cultured and full of love in their Black Marias. Agnes Grey made about unsighted Nancy recover her assurance of life with her echt attention. Agnes and Weston insisted their indiscriminate love, ne’er subjecting to those blue bloods. Therefore they were regarded by the rich as obstinate and boisterous people, who ever exerted unjust intervention to them. However, they eventually got married for the same dream and beliefs, deriving other people ‘s apprehension and regard. Agnes Grey at last stayed as a instructor, non inheriting bequest as Jane Eyre get marrieding a rich and go a noblewoman, but her life was more ordinary, more reliable, more moving, incarnating an educated adult female ‘s consciousness of independency and dignity in a better manner.

Wuthering Heights was regarded as the most alone novel in British Literature. This work besides expressed its consciousness of female independency in a really different manner. The heroine and the hostess Catherine grew up freely with Heathcliff, a wild get-back kid, and so of course fell in love with each other. Nevertheless, the constructs of societal category and the bias position of mundane thoughts made them apart. Heathcliff hence left the highs, where holds their wild and free dreams. Every thing ‘s wholly different since he came back. Catherine was married with her well-matched playfellow and had a happy life. Though Catherine profoundly loved Heathcliff, she about forgot everything about him when stayed with her hubby, but ne’er did Heathcliff. They loved each other non merely because they had the same character and disposition, the same obstinacy and waywardness, but besides because they were the kids of the wilderness. The nature of boorishness made them an effusion of enthusiasm, strong passion and neglect of other ‘s sentiment. In their eternal engagement of love with each other, no affair what determination Catherine made, her attentions of Heathcliff was all started from herself. Because Heathcliff had a really hapless background, and she clearly knew that she could non be a mendicant with him. Cathy tried to happen a manner that can maintain her place and besides her love, but where she eventually leaded to was Hell. However, what we should detect here is her disdain to traditional regulations, her blowhole to unsated passion. All these helped expressed the non merely female but besides the homo ‘s consciousness of independency.



After scoping through all these three sisters ‘ lives and novels, we can easy happen their consciousness of female independency so sensible and so influential. Their background, their household environment, their living societal state of affairs and their methods of analyzing all contributed to their consciousness of female independency, which was besides intensely expressed in their plants. From their historical values of each novel, they are truly entitled to the most first-class work through ages till now.

In their novels, Jane Eyre, Agnes Grey and Catherine severally possessed a sort of consciousness of female independency in their ain manner. Jane Eyre ‘s ageless chases of true love in spirit, Agnes Grey ‘s never-say-die spirit to the traditional regulations and the Catherine earnest desire of freedom and the merger of psyches all typically represented the general British adult females ‘s thirsts for the freedom in spirit, equality in love and the independency in life in the age of Victoria.

As adult females authors, the Bronte Sisters gave their characters initial consciousness of adult females independency under their pencils, arousing all the adult females to recognize that adult females should hold their independent ideas and actions, should hold their ain personalities and self-respects. This is what the Bronte Sisters basically left in their novels, an enlightenment for us offspring.


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