The Choices And Regrets Of William Blake English Literature Essay Free Essay

There are minutes in our lives that we find ourselves at a intersection ; terrified, confused and without waies. The picks we make in those minutes can specify the remainder of our lives. William Blake one time wrote: There are things that are known and things that are unknown and in between there are doors. But of class when faced with the unknown we tend to take the easy manner out ; we turn about and travel back. And midway back to the beginning is when we learn the word ‘regrets ‘ . Declinations come in all forms, it may be petty like making the incorrect thing for the right ground or every bit important as allowing down a friend. Some people look excessively thirstily towards the hereafter that they do n’t hold clip to acknowledge sorrow and some eludes them by doing a pick for in truth, declinations lies non in what we have done but in the things we did non make. What is done is done, we did what we can and that ‘s the ground why the ‘what if ‘s ‘ hurt the most because we were non able to allow ourselves make anything at all.

If there ‘s one thing I of all time regret in my life it was the clip I foremost learned the phrase “ following clip ” cause that ‘s besides when I learned that following clip will ne’er do up for last clip. I was seven and I merely got accused of making something I did n’t make and I was so afraid of my ma that I merely admitted it so as for her non to cognize. I did non make it but I said I did and the worst portion was that I apologized for it without any ounce of vacillation because I thought I was without a pick. How was I to cognize better? I was merely seven. I was seven when my religion in people was stolen, when I learned that the universe is non a fairy tale ; that there are no Cinderella ‘s and hapless princesses because someplace, inside of everyone, mutely hides a wicked enchantress. It was the first life lesson I of all time learned ; there are those minutes when evil tramplings good and the righteous must huddle in licking.

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I ne’er made the same error of all time once more, I ne’er admitted or apologized for the things I did non make. I do non even apologise for the things I did that I do non believe were incorrect and that was my 2nd lesson ; people do the things they do because they are the right thing to make at that minute. I learned this when I was 11 old ages old. I was in 5th class, and for the first clip I sneaked out to travel to the promenade and watch a film. My ma ne’er learned about it, I guess she still does n’t cognize. I did n’t apologise, I did n’t state ; it was what I did at that minute when “ subsequently ” and “ a piece ago ” did n’t be. Forget the yesteryear, do n’t worry about the hereafter and live like your death, right?

When I was in 6th class I fed my schoolmate to the sharks to salvage myself. I made it look that the bright thought was hers and non mine without really stating it ; I learned the admirations of paraphrasing and to this twenty-four hours it still ne’er ceases to astonish me how the simple pick of words can do whatever you want be the truth to anyone. I did n’t repent what I did and I still do n’t, I saved myself and she got out of it anyhow. I thought myself a valuable lesson that twenty-four hours ; ‘Fiducia Nessuno ‘ , trust cipher, for even your shadow leaves you in the darkness.

In high school, during my first-year twelvemonth, my advisor hated me and I have our whole category to endorse me up on this. He would ever name on me and inquire me the hardest inquiries or hale me to inquire a inquiry myself, he would even travel every bit far as doing supercilious comments at my disbursal but I was ne’er one time fazed, alternatively I made a witting attempt to be prepared for anything he throws at me in faculty members and coppice of his discourtesy like a pro. Thankss to him I ended up being in the top 10 without the demand of being one of the honours. I guess at that place will ever be those people who would desire to see you down on your articulatio genuss and you must ne’er give them that satisfaction. Look them in the eyes ; they are no better than you.

A few old ages had gone and come about and before I realized it I was already processing for graduation. I ask myself where the old ages went. What happened to them? Did they even happen at all? Stephen King one time wrote: “ Time takes it all, whether you want it to or non. Time takes it all, clip bears it off, and in the terminal there is merely darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them at that place once more ” . Pain does n’t ache when it ‘s all you ‘ve of all time known, when you ca n’t retrieve a minute that it was n’t at that place, it becomes you and so one twenty-four hours you feel something incorrect, something so unfamiliar that it wholly blows you off and it takes a minute for the realisation to hit you like a ton of brick ; you are happy. I look around me and see the faces of people I have come to cognize and all of a sudden “ Fiducia Nessuno ” does n’t peal every bit true as it one time did. Somewhere along the indurate route to where I am now standing I somehow managed to falter upon the things I lost. Trust and religion crept in unnoticed.

I look at their faces and cryings started to stream down my face. I ne’er admitted it to anyone, non even to myself ; I have grown to love them. These people who have helped and ache me, who have pushed and pulled me, the people who lend their manus to form and model the individual I am. So it may be true that it does n’t count much who we are but who we become ; do we remain as we are or de we allow our ego grow? It takes a batch of hurting and cryings, a batch of grief and broken promises, stolen artlessness and tattered religion but it all comes through in the terminal, and it ‘s all worth the autumn. Robert Louis Stevenson one time said, “ You can non run off from failing ; you must sometimes contend it out or die. And if that be so, why non now, and where you stand? ” Everyone shall and would hold already fallen one time in their life, and merely in this important minute can we genuinely recognize our possible for illustriousness for merely when we are tested that we truly uncover who we are and itA?s merely when we are tested that we discover who you can be.

In larning about my new found tenderness and bosom I pushed further, seeking to happen merely how far I could really travel ; I decided to woolgather. When the consequences of the Ateneo College Entrance Test came out I was placed on the waiting list and clearly this fact did nil to discourage my finding. I did non acquire a yes, true, but it was non a no either. Somewhere between acquiring in and neglecting lies the hope of making a dream, there lays the opportunity up for the pickings and I took that opportunity with all the bravery I can come up with within me seting aside the fact that I can acquire my bosom crushed one time once more. Nella vita- qi non risica-non rosica ; in life, nil ventured, nil gained. You have to take the opportunity, catch the chance for something better, for something bigger than yourself. Everything may non be meant to be but all of it is worth a shooting. I may hold been hardened by life ‘s inhuman treatments but at the bosom of my psyche I am glad to cognize that my ability to woolgather, to forgive and to believe hold non vanished like I ever thought it had. I dreamed, I hoped and I did what I can and what I must and I was rewarded.

Most of our lives are like series of images go throughing us by like autos on expresswaies and there are those charming minutes when what unfolds is more than merely a fugitive image but a whole narrative, a disclosure, a realisation and we know that those minutes will, every portion of it, unrecorded interior of us everlastingly. Nothing in life is easy as nil is free but the monetary value to pay is ever deserving it in the terminal. E.E. Cummingss one time wrote: ‘To be cipher but yourself- in a universe which is making its best, dark and twenty-four hours, to do you everybody else- agencies to contend the hardest conflict which any human being can contend ; and ne’er halt contending. ‘ The greatest error one can perpetrate is to lose her bosom in a sea of inhuman treatment and unfeelingness with a multitude of people desperate for one. The one lesson I have learned, exceling any others I have gained from the yesteryear, is to keep on to my bosom for no affair what solitude envelopes the universe, the bosom will ever give you the strongest arm of all ; hope.


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