The Difference between ‘The Wife of Bath Prologue’ and ‘The Wife of Bath Tale’ Essay Free Essay

‘The Wife of Bath Prologue’ and ‘The Wife of Bath Tale’ is an built-in portion of the “Canterbury Tales” narrative. In these plants. Chaucer depicts societal and moral jobs. ridicules false values and depicts the function of adult females in the Middle Ages. This is a alone portion of the “Canterbury Tales” in which Chaucer portrays events through woman’s eyes and a female narrator. Thesis The chief difference between the Prologue and Tale is the chief subject and a type of storytelling.

‘The Wife of Bath Prologue’ and ‘The Wife of Bath Tale’ are based on different subjects and topical inquiries. The Prologue discusses matrimony and the dealingss between work forces and adult females. virginity. sexual dealingss. human experience. etc. The married woman says: “The dart is set up for birginitee ( line 75 ) . In contrast. the Tale describes adversity and grudges caused by low position of adult females in the society and inequality with work forces. In both pieces. the Wife of Bath describes her strong emotional experience untypical for adult females of her historical period.

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Her sexual experience. emotions and psychological provinces are strong. and mirrored in the texts. She rises above both in the rejection of her aged. crippled. upseting hubbies and in the strength of her passion for work forces. The firing desire to new sexual dealingss creates the feeling of physical dissatisfaction and necessity for new emotional feelings untypical for adult females of her clip. Her actions do non correlate to the adult females of her clip. because Christianity and church was a strong force which dictated societal norms and societal order. values and commandments to adult females. In Prologue. Chaucer criticizes the function and impact of church on societal life utilizing Biblical commendations.

The other difference is that the Prologue is based on the cardinal character. the Wife of Bath. while the Tale is based on antic character of a raper. The first individual narrative helps to make a alone ambiance and a message of the Prologue straight turn toing a reader. In contract. the Tale reflects ethical motives of married womans and their desire to hold devoted hubbies inquiring “This is to seye. what wommen love moost” ( line 985 ) . The Tale is based on symbolic and philosophical representation of the subject of matrimony while the Prologue describes real-life illustrations and human experience of the Wife of Bath.

The chief character. the married woman. does non suit into her clip described as rebellious and independent adult females. She has traveled a batch and has great experience in love and has intimate dealingss with work forces. The Wife of Bath has married five work forces disputing Christian morality and norms. The Wife of the Bath has had five hubbies: three “good” and two “bad” hubbies. Using personal experience. the married woman underscores that balance of power between partners helps to command over matrimonial relationship. During the Middle Ages. the adult females had no right to take their hubbies because their fate depended upon will of their male parents and societal position of their households.

In the Prologue. the treatment concerns the function of adult females and work forces in matrimony and laterality of work forces upon adult females while the Tale illustrates the subjects questioned in the Prologue: “That wol nat be governed by hir wyves” ( line 1262 ) . The Wife opposes strongly to any tenseness on her personality seeking to maintain and continue her values and ideals. Her actions do non correlate to the adult females of her clip because faith limited sexual desires of the adult females. in malice of the fact that church and Christianity were used to defence and legalize the establishment of matrimony. Christianity was used to keep defence of domesticity and the function of adult females as female parent and wives merely.

In amount. this was a clip of pandemonium and great alteration which left people with a sense of disenchantment. It is possible to state that in the Prologue. Chaucer prepares a land for farther narrative development and symbolically illustrates these thoughts and subjects in the Tale. This work is full of feminist thoughts talking about rights of adult females and their felicity. Chaucer moved beyond traditional functions of adult females portraying them as loving and sexual characters able to contend against male laterality.

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