The Dowry By Guy De Maupassant English Literature Essay Free Essay

In The Dowry, the action of Maitre Simon Lebrument was married Mademoiselle Jeanne Cordier is because he want the dowery to pay for the pattern of Maitre Papillon. The pattern is already purchase but he had no money to pay for it. Then, the intent of that matrimony is province clearly in the text. This statement show that the narrative is textually expressed.

Narrative Structure


In “ The Dowry ” by Guy de Maupassant, raised the narrative with related to the money. Three hundred thousand francs be as an enlargement narrative. The subject established in this narrative is thematic modeling which distribute the construct of a narrative and a moralistic motive among the assorted incidents happens as a frame of a narrative.

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“ MaitreLebrument had bought out the pattern of MaitrePapillon ; of course, he had to hold money to pay for it ; and Mademoiselle Jeanne Cordier had three hundred thousand francs clear in currency, and in bonds collectible to bearer. “ ( pg 1, line 1 )

The expressed subject around the narrative make the reader easy relates the flow of narrative and can find the causes incidents go on. The minor subject we can establish in this narrative is about love betrayed. Love betrayed is proved when a hubby merely go forth his married woman in the trip for the honeymoon, the true love ca n’t make this thing during honeymoon clip.

“ I say that he has disappeared with your — your capital — that ‘s all! ”

She stood at that place, a quarry to conflicting emotions, sobbing.

“ Then he is — he is — he is a scoundrel! ”

And, swoon from exhilaration, she leaned her caput on her cousin ‘s shoulder and wept

Fictional character

Character developed by the writer in this narrative is level because each character is drawn through the exterior visual aspect. The chief character for this narrative is Maitre Simon Lebrument and Mademoiselle Jeanne Cordier. Maitre Simon Lebrument is a adult male with a pleasant visual aspect degree. Have a high appeal and manner. He used his good visual aspect to acquire what he needs in his life. His character plays a function to use the narrative.

“ MaitreLebrument was a fine-looking adult male. He was fashionable, although in a provincial manner ; but, however, he was fashionable — a rare thing at Boutigny-le-Rebours. ” ( pg 1, line 5 )

Mademoiselle Jeanne Cordier, known as Jeanne is honest and guiltless miss. Her character was describe “ was graceful and fresh-looking, although a trifle awkward ; however, she was a fine-looking miss, and one to be desired. ” ( pg 1, line 7 ) She is a caring adult females where she treat her hubby in gently and romantic manner. “ She would sit on his articulatio genuss, and taking him by the ears she would state: “ Open your oral cavity and close your eyes. ” ( pg 1, line 16 )


Get downing with the nuptials ceremonial as an initiating event pull the reader to research and continues the reading. The nuptials ceremonials with immature twosome and the message for the first paragraph give the large inquiry marked to reader to go on the reading and to take what the narrative is talked about. “ The matrimony of Maitre Simon Lebrument with Mademoiselle Jeanne Cordier was a surprise to no 1. ” ( pg 1, line 1 )

A lifting action develop when the twosome on trip to honeymoon in chronological order to give flow to the narrative. When the twosome at the center of their trip in forepart of the Saint-Lazare Station, his hubby starts his docket to flim-flam his married woman.

“ Oh! yes. Let ‘s eat at the eating house. Is it far? ”

He answered:

“ Yes, it ‘s rather a distance, but we will take the omnibus. ” ( pg 2, line 24 )

The point of flood tide show when the coach music director call out to Jeanne whether she want to halt at Vaugirard or non. It ‘s make Jeanne realize that merely herself who is left on the coach.

“ Small by small all the riders left. She was left entirely, all entirely. The music director cried:

“ Vaugirard! ”

Sing that she did non travel, he repeated:

“ Vaugirard! ” ( pg 4, line 4 )

Resolution portion created when Henry, Jeanne ‘s cousins analyze the job and do his decision that make it cleared to Jeanne what was happen to herself.

“ Well, my beloved cousin, by this clip your hubby must be good on his manner to Belgium. ”

She could non understand. She kept reiterating:

“ My hubby — you say — ”

“ I say that he has disappeared with your — your capital — that ‘s all! ”

She stood at that place, a quarry to conflicting emotions, sobbing. ” ( pg 6, line 13 )


The linguistic communication is a classical linguistic communication where there is apparent as there are a few words such as ” tete-a-tete ” , “ to-morrow ” and writer describe Jeanne as fine-looking miss “ she was a fine-looking miss ” .

A adage was used as a slogan. “ Everything comes to him who waits. ” ( pg 1, line 13 ) MaitreLebrument was described as work forces who will acquire what he wants and make non give up easy. There is besides have some nonliteral linguistic communication and simile word describe by music director such as “ You can happen 10 work forces for every one that you lose. Now run along. You ‘ll happen another one somewhere. ” . ( pg 4, line 27 )

Literary Criticism 1 ( Plot )

In “ The Dowry ” , Guy de Maupassant uses the flood tide to do this narrative interesting. Is it the flood tide is interesting? So, based on our reading, the flood tide makes people who read this narrative will go on read until the terminal. “ On the top! There has n’t been anybody at that place for a long clip ” ( pg 4, line 23 ) will makes people aghast during read this narrative. A batch of inquiries will hold in head. Why Maitre Lebrument left his married woman? Did he bury about his married woman? What will go on to Jeanne? All the inquiries make we can non wait to cognize the stoping of this narrative. We want to cognize what happened really. So, we think that the flood tide is interesting. It can do our emotions change all of a sudden. Particularly when the music director said, “ A large portfolio! Oh, yes! He got away at the Madeleine. He got rid of you, all right! Ha! Ha! Hour angle! ” ( pg 5, line 6 ) . This portion makes our bosom beats so fast. Why? Why? Why? This inquiries have ever in our head. Then, we will get down doing an premises. In positive thought, possibly Maitre Lebrument have exigency that make him had to go forth his married woman. In negative thought, possibly Maitre Lebrument are forced to married with Jeanne. Possibly he does non love Jeanne and already hold adult female that he truly loves.

But, how about the stoping of this narrative. Is it interesting? Is it makes people who read this narrative satisfied? We do non believe so. The stoping is bored. It makes our emotions fall down. When we read the flood tide, we become so aroused, but when we read the stoping, we will said, “ That ‘s it merely? How about Maitre Lebrument? ” The stoping does non reply all the inquiries when we read the flood tide. It merely tells about Jeanne who was really sad and defeated when she knows that her hubby is villain. “ And, swoon from exhilaration, she learned her caput on her cousin ‘s shoulder and wept ” ( pg 6, line 19 ) . It does non state us about Maitre Lebrument. What happened to him when he left his married woman? Possibly, the writer should widen somewhat the stoping of this narrative. Possibly, Maitre Lebrument besides has been cheated by the individual who sell the pattern to him. This will demo the reciprocation to him for the bad things that he does to his married woman. So, people who read this narrative will more satisfied with this stoping eventhough it is platitude but it is want by people.

Literary Criticism 2 ( Character )

In this short narrative, we would wish to knock some of the chief characters who is Maitre Simon Lebrument ( hubby ) . Harmonizing to the slogan of his life “ Everything Come to him who waits ” could depict her attitude which he will make anything for pleasance in his life ; he did non stress the values aˆ‹aˆ‹needed in life as a hubby and married woman, even with his married woman. As a hubby and married woman, must hold the spirit of love and fondness among each other. We besides think that her hubby is a cruel who was willing to work the married woman for her pleasance and work out the jobs faced by it. Supposed happening of a matrimony based on love is non as an evil docket. At the beginning of their matrimony her hubby has non shown the good attitude as her hubby to his married woman where the married woman should anticipate from a hubby. How are the bad hubby who planned the honeymoon with his where it is a beautiful dream of a married twosome, but it became something bad and unhappiness for Jeanne Cordier Modemoiselle which abandoned on the coach entirely by her hubby.

Maitre Simon is useless hubby because she dared to go forth her unattended and travel with “ The Dowry ” 300 thousand France. He takes advantage of the softness and failing Modemoiselle Jeanne Cordier who have ne’er protested and complained about her hubby ‘s behaviors bothered. For me he is a coward and a hubby should non be eligible to go a hubby who should hold been the function of a hubby is to protect his married woman, but non for feat it. He is no human-centered nature in himself, his life were to him merely, non for anybody else. He is really avaricious and selfish people without believing others who ever thinks of himself and love himself.


In decision, the narrative stating about an honorable married woman was cheated by her ain hubby. At the beginning, she did non realized her hubby have another intent in their married. After all the things happened, she know that her hubby non honest in their relationship because that adult male merely want her money. The moral of the narrative is, do non believed other individual to the full although he or she is really near to you.

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