The Ideal Female Protagonist English Literature Essay Free Essay

First of all I am obliged to Almighty Allah who bestowed me with His grace the ability to carry through my research thesis. Then I would wish to thank my parents for their support and encouragement in every facet of my life and surveies.

I besides wish to show my sincere thanks to Ma’am Samreen Humayun, whose counsel, suggestions and uninterrupted supervising enabled me to finish my thesis. I am honored to hold had a instructor like you for my research.

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I am besides thankful to the Chairperson of the section of English for her unconditioned support and all of the instructors of the section who help me develop an rational head and provided me the counsel to hold a critical position and look during my four old ages of faculty members in the university.

Last but non the least I am grateful to Jinnah University for Women for supplying us a good resource of literary plants and installations in the library which helped me research and complete my thesis.


This thesis is about two literary characters that are known as the ideal female supporter. They are termed as complete and comprehensive characters, both being lively, confident, independent and rebellious. Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte are the two female supporters. They led their lives harmonizing to their ain wants but yet they were non selfish. Elizabeth believed in love and matrimony and hence took bold determinations in her life yet she maintained her subject and ethical motives. She was an independent adult female who remained steadfast on her rules. Catherine Earnshaw was besides a strong character. She loved Heathcliff by the nucleus of her bosom. Her love for him was ageless and unconditioned. She besides admired Edgar Linton, who was a handsome and rich eligible unmarried man. Catherine sacrificed her love for her responsibility. She married Edgar and lives merrily for three old ages but her love for Heathcliff ne’er fades.

The thesis consists of a deep and insight survey of their characters and lives, which was conducted by analysing different sentiment and positions of critics of both of them and by analysing the novels critically. This thesis is about the impact that is made when a determination is taken and how the single life and single thoughts affect the people environing them. It deals with the issue of doing the right determination on the right clip and about the effects that a adult female can confront by doing a incorrect determination. When a individual stands house on their rules and religion, it is said to be their ain freewill but it ‘s a world that an single can alter the class of life of many and make a different society. There are boundaries that should ne’er be crossed, some of the societal, moral and ethical restrictions are good for us and ne’er violated. Therefore, it is really of import to cognize the right way foremost and so firm walk on it. This research has focused on two such characters which give replies to above described facets of existent and practical life.


The subject of this research is the comparing between two characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Catherine Earnshaw. They both are considered as the ideal supporter in English Literature. Elizabeth Bennet is the chief supporter of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Catherine Earnshaw is the supporter of Wuthering Highs by Emily Bronte. They both are females who lived their lives harmonizing to their ain desires. Elizabeth and Catherine both were rebellious, lively, caput strong and independent adult females. They have many similarities between them but there are differences every bit good.

For this research, I have used a really simple and concise procedure. I have divided my analysis in four chapters. The first chapter consists of a brief history on the female authors in general and how they have portrayed their female supporter. In this chapter the personal life of the authors is besides discussed. Jane Austen and Emily Bronte both tried to portray their characters similar to their ain lives. Jane considered Elizabeth as an ideal adult female and gave her a life that Jane herself ever wanted and it is said that Elizabeth ‘s character was most loved by her. Similarly Emily Bronte portrayed the ideal love. The love which is unconditioned and ageless and has no boundaries. This love is presented in the novel as the character of Heathcliff. Emily herself ever remained single as she was in hunt of this true love. Therefore, she described the same love in her novel to show her feelings, as she excessively was unloved.

The 2nd chapter is an analysis of the character of Catherine Earnshaw. It contains elaborate survey of her complete life, from childhood to marriage to decease. It gives us the insight cognition of what was in her head when she was taking a certain measure. By this analysis I was able to understand her character and her personality. The 3rd chapter is a description of the character of Elizabeth Bennet, her life and her rules. And how she is interpreted by Jane, herself and her readers. It contains the grounds behind her determinations and how two did affected her household and friends and everyone around her.

The 4th and the last chapter is the comparative survey of the 2nd and the 3rd chapter. In this chapter the similarities and the differences of the Elizabeth and Catherine are discussed in elaborate and a complete comment is besides present about their lives and how the society and the readers have perceived it

Jane Austen and Emily Bronte are considered as the greatest novelist of English Literature. Their novels are termed as chef-d’oeuvres and most comprehensive literary plants. They both have given a great work for literature and art. Their novels and characters are termed as ideals for adult females. The ladies of the society are frequently recommended these novels to larn about manners, traditions and value of life and love. Without so the English Literature would hold left uncomplete.

Literature Reappraisal:


Supporter: personA whoA takesA theA lead ; A centralA figureA of narrative

( Thesaurus ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

Therefore, we can state that a supporter is the chief character. And hence a female supporter is a chief female character who is brought to downfall by her ain error and so she finds felicity in the terminal. Strawser ( 2010 ) explains in her article the chief qualities of a female supporter. She says that a female character should at foremost be underestimated and so subsequently she should turn out herself, she should be a strong character to confront everything but every bit strong as a superhero or a adult male. She should hold feministic features yet strong emotions. She should be a victim that she will get the better of as the secret plan returns and last but non the least she should hold a fright so that the narrative seems realistic and non a fairy narrative. By maintaining these points in head we can easy judge the female characters and their function in the narrative.

As Gold ( 1985 ) has described the personality of Catherine as a perceived by a female parent and related it with the theories of Freud. She has perceived the novel as a narrative of metempsychosis of Catherine ; she explains the personality of Catherine and defends her matrimony with Edgar and her via media to give Heathcliff a baronial place in society. She explains that Catherine was a strong adult females and possessed all the features of a adult male but non physically merely emotionally. Catherine marries Edgar for Heathcliff but this frustrates him and he leaves. Heathcliff ‘s return and disapproval of Catherine causes decline of Catherine and finally she dies. But her girl is her metempsychosis who resumes her friendly relationship with Heathcliff and marries his boy Linton. Her girl is able to derive what Catherine Earnshaw wanted. Linda has proven that at the clip of her decease Catherine Earnshaw wanted to be immature once more as a barbarian as she was in her childhood, that is bestowed upon her by the birth of her girl, Catherine Linton and that is her re birth or 2nd life. This research has given a wholly different position of the novel and proved that there is a poetic justness nowadays in the narrative which a common reader is non able to understand. She has victimized the chief character In Wuthering Heights and allowed people to demo sympathy for her. The research is a good reading of the secret plan and provides logic for the actions of the 2nd coevals.

We can analyze the features of the characters by analyzing the literary feature of that clip as Shapiro ( 1969 ) in his article has compared Wuthering highs with other Victorian novels such as Jane Eyre. He elaborates that in Victorian novel a alien is included in the household and he is brought near and so he is treated severely and in inhumane mode. The alien grows to be powerful and takes retaliation. Arnold has besides described the relationships which in Victorian epoch were really sacred but due to the disaffection of faith was worsening. Lapp in Wuthering Highs we can see that Heathcliff is brought in the household and became close to Catherine. But their relationship is non able to last against the societal norms. Therefore, he tries to take retaliation but finally he is self defeated and dies. Pessimism can be seen throughout the novel which is a characteristic of Victorian novel. The chief focal point of this research has been to turn out that Wuthering highs is a Victorian novel and compared it with the plants of Emily ‘s other sister Charlotte Bronte. It absolutely pointed out the similarities but he did non explicate the differences. It besides explains the relationships of different characters but did non speak about the features of the characters. Therefore is observed that by this research we can non judge the characters but merely the narrative or the chief secret plan.

Another manner of happening the features of the chief female supporter is by analysing what type of novel it was as Ramsden ( 1982 ) has portrayed Emily Bronte as a romantic novelist, and has focused on her prose every bit good as her poesy. His research explains that Wuthering highs in the beginning is like a romantic novel of a passionate love. But subsequently the chief thought transforms into forgiveness but the desire to derive the love of Catherine in Heathcliff ‘s bosom keeps the romantic component alive in the narrative. The moral values in the narrative merely maintain it a small different from the romantic novels. This research is good when we are analysing the novel as a whole in footings of literary characters but the survey can non assist to find the characteristics of the characters or reply why certain characters behaved in a specific manner or why a certain determination was taken. Because it was non a romantic novel as a whole so we can non happen out the characteristics of Catherine merely by one component of passionate love. The construction of the novel is besides really of import Sanger ( 1926 ) wrote an article of how he interpreted the construction of Wuthering highs. He explains that he found the construction really interesting. He has focused on the facts and figures. First he gives a brief sum-up of the novel. Next he is surprised by the cognition of Emily Bronte. He inquiries the legal facts which are described in the narrative. He believes that it might be possible that Emily possessed some cognition of the jurisprudence system that is why she was able to do a secret plan which in the terminal gave all the belongings to Heathcliff. Heathcliff becomes the proprietor of everything in the terminal. This is something unusual for Sanger. He has besides emphasized on the day of the months, he says that the difference of twenty-four hours and day of the month proves that Emily did non hold a calendar and she merely counted the old ages and month. For illustration that 20th March 1784 was Monday but really it was Saturday. This survey shows that Sanger has work really difficult for his research but as he says that his research is deadening and dull and is all about proficient inside informations ; it will non pull the readers. This research can merely be studied if interested but chiefly the points and inquiries raised by Sanger in his article makes no difference in the secret plan of the narrative neither it will convey any alteration to any of the characters.

Schorer ( 1949 ) has besides attempted to interpretate his thought of Wuthering Heights, in his article he has explained the literary devices used by Emily Bronte. He has described the usage of metaphors, names and imagination in the narrative. He has compared the passion of Heathcliff to the passion of animate beings. He has rhythmically used the words from the novel and quoted them in such a perfect mode that it became like a narrative which tells us the characteristics of the characters. He has explained that the storytellers acted in the manner they were instructed. But this seems a small unrealistic because if the storytellers is instructed or is under the influence of person so how can we believe in the narrative told by them. Schorer has discussed the Wuthering highs as a novel based on fiction. One might hold with him, but it can besides be seen that the narrative is more realistic and trades with the common issue faced by many adult females. These devices may turn out to be really helpful in analysing the characters and the narrative as they provide an in-depth logical thinking of the proceedings of the novel. To qualify the people in the fresh Cecil ( 1935 ) has divided the houses and the kids in two ways. The Wuthering Heights as a topographic point of storm and the kids populating at that place Hindley, Catherine and Heathcliff as extraverts. Thrushcross Grange as a unagitated topographic point therefore Linton and Isabella are really sweet, balanced and composure in nature. He has besides distributed the kids, he believes Linton as a kid of hatred, Heathcliff. Therefore he is really weak. While Hareton and Catherine possess composure and kindness. He has besides labeled the matrimony of Catherine with Edgar and Heathcliff with Isabella as “ unnatural matrimonies ” . This analysis is a survey of the characters and termed them as they were in the narrative. But it is biased ; one can non judge the kids by detecting their parents. It is possible that the kids are wholly opposite of their parents. Cecil is prejudice in labeling the following coevals, even the first coevals can non be judged harmonizing to where they live.

Pritchett ( 1946 ) explains that Wuthering highs is the best illustration of the hospitably and civilization of the northern bungalows, he himself is a occupant of it. Therefore he says that Emily Bronte has described the people and traditions of the country in a good mode. He besides perceives that the signifier of hatred and love nowadays in the narrative is alone. There is no 1 immorality or Nice in the narrative and it lacks ethical motives. To his point of position, we can merely differ with the last point. The narrative did non lack ethical motives but it was the moral values which gave a turning point in the lives of the characters. A deep survey of the character of Heathcliff is besides done by Solomon ( 1959 ) who has given a new thought to the individuality of Heathcliff. He raises the inquiry of why Mr. Earnshaw goes to Liverpool and brings back a dirty kid. His married woman opposes this act but still Mr. Earnshaw keeps him and he becomes his favourite. Eric has given a new point of view that it might be possible that Heathcliff was Mr. Earnshaw ‘s illegimate kid. Eric has besides raised the inquiry of the matrimonies as why they took topographic point. But he has non given the replies to the following point of matrimony, therefore we are forced to believe that there might non be any logical ground, or the ground might non count or impact every bit much to the secret plan.

Cai-yun1 ( 2010 ) has aimed to explicate the rebellious nature of the characters. He has explained the rebellious nature of Heathcliff and Catherine in item and besides of some minor characters such as Isabella. In his analysis, he has explained that Catherine rebelled against three major elements. First the faith, Joseph was a retainer in Wuthering highs but a good Christian. He had the responsibility to take the kids to church and read them bible, but Catherine was rebellious against him as she wanted freedom. She neglected his power. Second the society, she rebelled against the two commanding work forces of her life Hindley, her brother and Linton, her hubby. Both tested to maintain her off from Heathcliff because the society did non allow it. Thus she became rebellious to both of them. Last she was against the moral system, she betrayed Heathcliff while populating with Linton and perceived that she will be degrading herself if she married Heathcliff and so she marries Linton. Cai-yun research does give and elaborates one of the feature of Catherine but merely one feature can non warrant her full personality.

Equally far as Jane Austen is concerned, she has been a feministic author as Brown ( 1983 ) has besides explained the intervention of Jane Austen with her heroines. The research has elaborated that Jane has a feminist thought of female characters which possess about all of the qualities of Mary Wollstonecraft ‘s ideal adult females. This thesis explains that Jane has emphasized on the feministic function of adult females and her heroines are defensive of adult females ‘s right and the rebellion of the 19 century. It is a comparing of the heroines in Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Northampton Abbey and Persuasion and pointed out the similarities in them, which in his sentiment are matrimony and instruction. He has besides described the importance of these two factors in their lives and how it has affected them. The accent has non been on one character or even the chief characters but has besides explained about the minor characters like Mary Bennet. And while explicating the feminist tradition he has given the position points of some male characters every bit good such as Darcy, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Bennet. He has given a different position of how these female characters were perceived by the male characters which has given it a broader facet. But by non concentrating on one novel or one character wholly we can experience that there is something losing and the analysis remains uncomplete. If he had focused or compared a upper limit of two characters we might hold been able to analyse and understand wholly the feminist facets of Jane Austen ‘s Hagiographas.

This feministic attack can besides be proved by the positions of some biographers as Ryan ( 1989 ) has given the positions of some biographers on Jane Austen. She has besides described how these biographers saw her as a adult females author and a author of adult females issues. Some of them belong to her household and they have given a better position and some foreigners have given an full different thought of Jane Austen and her inspirations for composing. Jane has been said to be married to Cassandra, her sisters and metaphorically has kids which are her novels. James Edward, her niece, sees Jane an ideal adult female of Victorian epoch and her novels holding the major subject of muliebrity. Elizabeth jerkins see Jane ‘s novels as a milepost possessing sturdy elegance. Park Honan besides gives her a high respect. Her biographers have given her a aureate place and their fond regard with her has besides made them idealistic. And they term her work as an internal and rational survey. All her biographers have worked difficult to turn out her as a literary icon merely by concentrating on her ain life. She is said to hold struggled to acquire accepted by her brothers and when she failed, she wrote but no longer had feelings. But this is easy rejected because if she was emotionless so she would non hold written such novels with breeding and a watercourse of feelings. Her characters are full of life and self-respect. She might hold lacked any escapade in her personal life but she has attractively explained all those feelings and emotions in her novels. It might hold been seen as a better thought if her novels were seen as a life that Jane wanted to populate but could non. Therefore, if they had compared they might hold found that her novels were her life and she lived in her novels.

It was normally believed that adult females critics and adult females authors play an of import function in English literature. Shari, Ferriss and Woods ( 2002 ) in their book have explained the importance of adult females authors and the critical function of female critics. They prove by citing different major adult females authors that merely adult females can merely explicate the hurting of adult females, a adult male ca n’t because he has non experienced it. And lone adult females can explicate what adult females felt while she was composing and perceive adult females as the adult females author did. They adds to their instance that Jane Austen used Fanny Burney ‘s novels to warrant her plants and even Victoria Woolf praised the work of Emily Bronte and Jane Austen and explained them as a adult females non as a work forces would hold written. The three authors have truly proved that merely a adult female can portray how an ideal adult female is? A adult female can compose the features of ideal adult females and explained how one can be like that. But the job is that they have merely given a theory and have non quoted any illustrations which are the chief focal point of my research. I want to explicate by the illustrations of Catherine Earnshaw and Elizabeth Bennet, that they are ideal supporter that lone adult females can see and depict. Woolf ( 1953 ) has compared Jane Eyre and Wuthering highs but she herself accepts that they are in comparable as Emily was a better and greater poet so Charlotte. Virginia has appreciated the manner of Emily Bronte, the manner she has elaborated and described every item of Catherine feelings. Virginia believed that lone adult females can understand another adult female ‘s hurting. Therefore in her article she has praised the work of Emily Bronte in Wuthering Heights and called both the Catherine as the “ most loveable adult females in English literature ” . Virginia besides has a position that Catherine is an ideal adult females but she has non explained why that is so.

Now if we focus on the chief Character of Pride and Prejudice. Chen ( 2010 ) has explained the function and personality of Elizabeth Bennet. He has given the position points of two people Tanner and Arnold. Tanner agrees that Elizabeth is a perfect adult female while Arnold believes that she has some failings. He has besides compared them with the character of Mrs. Bennet and Charlotte Lucas and tried to explicate why certain actions or behaviour were portrayed by them. He has described the internal, external and the positive and negative sides of Elizabeth Bennet, Mrs. Bennet and Charlotte Lucas by the aid of tabular arraies. But he has merely focused on the adjectives and nouns to praise them and to indicate out their characters. He did non explicate how these qualities helped them and how they affected them and the narrative of the novel. His chief aim in his research was to happen suited nouns and adjectives for these three characters. Although he has used really nice vocabulary and the tabular arraies show a deep survey and in depth research of the characters but due to the deficiency of the account of these adjectives and nouns, the recognition and grasp of their personalities remain uncomplete.

Even the observant action of the characters has been analyzed Chan ( 2002 ) in her research explained the importance of staring in the narrative. Like in Pride and Prejudice, the work forces observed the adult female really keenly and even the adult female tried to derive their attending so that they would be noticed and might acquire married. It besides explains its restrictions as everything the oculus sees can non be truth. In Mansfield Park, Fanny suppresses her feelings and her will due to the changeless observation from her uncle. In Emma, this observation is made for chitchats and for passion. While in Persuasion the gazing is tolerated. But in these novels the research focused on the external beauty, the perceiver saw merely the ageless observant while the characters were non able to see the internal beauty and due to this we can non claim what the characters possessed in footings of qualities and characteristics.

All these researches and articles have been about a certain facet on the novel or the narrative as a whole. I want to analyse the importance of female supporter of two fresh Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights to give a broader position of life and the function of females which affects the lives of everyone else. As many adult females believe that one a adult females can understand and analyse the hurting and picks of another adult females. My research will make the same, it will supply an penetration and in deepness survey of the chief female characters and allows the female readers to understand the importance of doing the right picks in their lives and to be steadfast over it as the chief characters have done in their lives.

Research Question:

What are the similarities and differences between Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Highs by Emily Bronte as the chief female supporter of the novel?


My research is critical and really of import for immature misss and adult females of the society. My research will assist immature misss and female members of the society make better picks in their life and will act upon their pick for life spouses. Love, regard and matrimony are an of import portion of a adult females ‘s life and the characters that I have researched on are considered as a function theoretical account. Both of them made different picks in their several lives, which affected the lives of their loved 1s. They, both, had different doctrine of life, by comparing it I have provided two different positions of life to the new coevals such that they will be able to understand the norms of a society and can populate consequently. It is besides helpful for the research workers as they will hold a better, deep and inside cognition of the character of Elizabeth Bennet and Catherine Earnshaw by analyzing this thesis.


Chapter 1: Writer ‘s position of Elizabeth Bennet and Catherine Earnshaw:

The characters of Elizabeth Bennet and Catherine can be merely analyzed after puting a criterion for a female supporter. Every taking lady is called the supporter presents but in Literature, a character must carry through all the standards to be called a supporter. Harmonizing to many critics a female supporter is a chief female character who is brought to downfall by her ain error and so she finds felicity in the terminal. Strawser ( 2010 ) a modern article author, writes in an article the chief qualities of a female supporter. She believes that a female character should at foremost be underestimated and so subsequently she should turn out herself. Because if all her qualities are told from before than the readers will lose involvement. A female supporter should be self-generated with concealed qualities which are groomed and developed with clip.

Second, she should be a strong character to confront everything but non every bit strong as a superhero or a adult male. She should hold feministic features yet strong emotions. She should be a victim who will get the better of everything and at last be in peace, as the secret plan returns. And last but non the least she should hold a fright so that the narrative seems realistic and non a fairy narrative. By maintaining these points in head we can easy judge the female characters and their function in the narrative.

The Leading Fictional characters of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is Elizabeth Bennet and of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is Catherine Earnshaw. To understand the character to the full, we foremost need to understand the authors head and what they wanted to compose approximately.

About Jane Austen, Merriman ( 2006 ) , a biographer of Jane Austen says that even though Jane Austen ne’er got married by herself but she knew precisely what was is marriage all about. She ne’er turned up on her ain nuptials twenty-four hours because she excessively like her characters believed in the matrimony which was out of love non out of responsibility. She understands the important function of adult females in the society and the importance of matrimony. Her supporter including Emma Woodhouse, Fanny Price, Catherine Morland, Anne Elliot, and Elizabeth Bennett all believed in love and married their lovers. Austen was besides a realist, she ne’er wrote an impossible love narrative but all in a societal norm. She wrote about the issues of category system, individuality, self respect and the thought of adult female get marrieding for a better life non because she is insecure or that she ca n’t last entirely in this universe.

Jane Austen started to compose at an early, but was acknowledged really tardily. She wrote in a sophisticated, ironical and humourous mode. She besides highlighted the issues of heritage, wooing, ethical motives and matrimony in England. She wrote Pride and Prejudice in 1813. The female prima supporter Elizabeth Bennet is besides her favourite character and she relates herself to her the most.

In the novel, Elizabeth is presented as a strong character. She lives with her parents and four siblings. Her senior sister falls in love with Mr. Bingley but is separated by Mr. Darcy who thinks really low of Elizabeth and her household. Elizabeth besides does non believe high of him. She is pressurized by her female parent to get married Mr. Collins but she refuses. Later she is betrayed by Mr. Wickham who tells her bogus narrative about Mr. Darcy and himself as a victim. But as the narrative returns, she learns the truth and starts to hold a liking for Mr. Darcy. In the terminal, she falls in love with Mr. Darcy and marries him. Her point of position of Mr. Darcy changes when he helps her in happening Lydia, who elopes with Mr. Wickham. And re unites Jane with Bingley. She stays house on her believes and rules. She does non compromise and at last has a happy stoping.

About the 2nd Author, Emily Bronte. Merriman ( 2007 ) said that Wuthering Heights is the lone novel of her but it ‘s a chef-d’oeuvre. It is written at a clip when societal and economical conditions of England were altering and new thoughts were being evolved in the society. Bronte has written about ageless love, category system and largely retaliation. She was non acknowledged during her ain life but was greatly admired after her decease.

Wuthering Heights is the narrative about Catherine Earnshaw ; she was in love with Heathcliff but did non get married him on societal evidences. She thought of it as socially degrading and economically incorrect. She marries another adult male whom she is attracted to. She lives merrily with Edgar as his married woman. But when Heathcliff returns, her feelings for him besides emerge, but this clip they are stronger. She wholly forgets about morality or the society and attempts to keep an agreement which is non acceptable anyplace. She tries to hold a friendly relationship with Heathcliff while staying married Edgar. But fate offprints her from Heathcliff one time once more, but this clip it proves to be fatal and she dies. Heathcliff blames everyone for it and takes retaliation. He destroys everyone ‘s lives, even their following coevalss. He besides dies a decease of purdah and solitariness like Catherine Earnshaw.

Chapter 2: Critical analysis of Catherine Earnshaw:

Catherine is the chief female supporter of the fresh Wuthering Heights. She has a really lovely nature and is loved by everyone in the novel particularly Heathcliff and Edgar. Everything in the narrative returns because of her. The fresh revolves around her and the determinations she took in her life as it affected everyone else. Heathcliff was frustrated by the actions of Catherine which finally forced him to take retaliation in order to acquire Catherine which resulted in the devastation of the three coevalss in the novel. The chief focal point of the novel has been the relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. They portion an ageless love with each other. Even though Catherine marries another adult male, Edgar, but she loves Heathcliff unconditionally and her love for him ne’er slices.

The whole life of Catherine is discussed in the novel. Her childhood, when she was wild and rebellious, Nelly, her governess one time said:

“ From the hr she came downstairs till the hr she went to bed, we had non a minute ‘s security that she would n’t be in mischievousness. Her liquors were ever at high-water grade, her lingua ever going-singing, laughing, and blighting everybody who would non make the same. A wild, wicked slip she was-but she had the bonniest oculus, the sweetest smiling, and lightest pes in the parish ” ( Bronte, Emily.1994, chapter: V, page: 49 )

Another clip Nelly said:

“ But she was so proud ; it became truly impossible to feel for her hurts, till she should be chastened into more humbleness ” ( Bronte, Emily.1994, chapter: IX, page: 69 )

Subsequently when she came back to her house after remaining at Edgar ‘s house for a few yearss, she was a wholly different individual. At this point Nelly said:

“ Our immature lady returned to us, saucier and more passionate, and haughtier than of all time ” ( Bronte, Emily.1994, chapter: IX, page: 86 )

As a kid she was a really bold, confident and arch kid. Heathcliff was her childhood friend and she was uncontrollably attracted towards him. They both were wild and her senior brother Hindley ne’er liked their friendly relationship due to this. Hindley and his female parent ne’er liked Heathcliff, it was merely Catherine who liked him and used to play with him. After the decease of Catherine ‘s male parent Hindley becomes the caput of the household and starts to handle Heathcliff as a slave. At this point we can see the loving and caring nature of Catherine as she is the lone positive facet in Heathcliff ‘s life. She does non halt playing with him alternatively spends more clip with him.

The turning point in Catherine ‘s life occur when Edgar proposes her to get married him and she accepts it. Catherine explains Nelly the ground behind her determination by stating that

“ she will be the greatest adult female of the vicinity ”

( Bronte, Emily.1994, chapter: IX, page: 78 )

And she will be

“ proud of holding such a hubby ” .

( Bronte, Emily.1994, chapter: IX, page: 78 )

Catherine is confused about her relationship. She believes that she is in love with two people. She loves the manner Edgar looks and lives. She likes his sophisticated and elegant life. While her love for Heathcliff is unconditioned and ne’er stoping. She wishes to get married Heathcliff but knows that he has no hereafter and they will be mendicants if she does get married him. And Heathcliff had no societal position. Hindley had treated him so severely that it will be degrading to get married him. Catherine accepts that she loves two work forces at the same clip. She explains to Nelly that her love for Heathcliff is ageless and he is a portion of her as she is of him. And with Edgar it ‘s like a clime, it changes with clip.

She says:

“ My great wretchednesss in this universe have been Heathcliff ‘s miseriesaˆ¦aˆ¦.My great thought in life is he? If all else perished and he remained, I should still go on to be ; and if else remained, and he were annihilated, the existence would turn to a mighty alien ” ( Bronte, Emily. 1994, chapter: IX, page: 81 )

This conversation between Nelly and Catherine is overheard by Heathcliff and enrages him. He leaves Wuthering highs without even stating anyone. His disappearing is profoundly felt by Catherine and she becomes really disquieted. But still she marries Edgar and starts to populate merrily.

Until after 3 old ages when Heathcliff returns. Catherine says to Edgar ;

“ Oh Edgar, Edgar! Oh, Darling Edgar! Heathcliff ‘s semen back ” ( Bronte, Emily.1994, chapter: Ten, page: 91 )

But Edgar like Hindley hates him and does non wish his return. She invites Heathcliff at her house for dinner but when Edgar refuses to sit with him, she orders Nelly to put two tabular arraies, one for Edgar and Isabella and 2nd 1 for her and Heathcliff. She is ne’er embarrassed or hides her relationship with Heathcliff. And is really expressive about it. She behaves in the same mode with Heathcliff in presence and in absence of her hubby Edgar. Catherine feels that she is the most happiest at this point of her life as she has a loving hubby and a loving friend at the same clip. She had been happy being Edgar ‘s married woman but her separation from Heathcliff was destructing her inner ego. Catherine is non selfish, she knows Heathcliff inside out and hence does non back up Isabella ‘s determination of get marrieding him. First, because it will divide her from Heathcliff and secondly most significantly due to his wild and barbarous nature, as Catherine knows that Isabella has ne’er been exposed to the extravert portion of the universe therefore she wo n’t be able to set with Heathcliff.

Catherine is besides really genitive, sensitive and emotional. She can non accept the sharing of Heathcliff. Therefore, when she sees him snoging Isabella she falls ill. She has high febrility which affects her head and consequences in encephalon bleeding.

She says to Nelly ;

“ Well. If I can non maintain Heathcliff for my friend-if Edgar will be average and covetous, I will seek to interrupt their Black Marias by interrupting by ain. That will be prompt manner of completing all, when I am pushed to appendage ” ( Bronte, Emily. 1994, chapter: Eleven, page: 109 )

It is after a small clip subsequently, when she meets Heathcliff she tells her the ground for get marrieding Edgar. And tells him that she regrets go forthing him and get marrieding Edgar. Catherine dies the same dark by giving birth to a girl, who is named after her. It is her love for Heathcliff that lets her unrecorded and it ‘s the green-eyed monster that kills her.

Chapter 3: Critical analysis of Elizabeth Bennet:

Elizabeth Bennet is the taking female supporter of the fresh Pride and Prejudice. She is her male parent ‘s favourite. She is a adult female who Judgess the other characters on first sight. She foremost Judgess Mr. Darcy as a proud adult male. At the beginning of the novel a party is held in their vicinity. This party is the first meeting between the characters, the Bennet household, Mr. Darcy and the Bingleys. Mr. Bingley dances with Jane, Elizabeth ‘s senior sister and asks Mr. Darcy to dance with Elizabeth. But Mr. Darcy refuses it which is overheard by Elizabeth and she is hurt by his remarks. She believes that he is a rude, chesty and proud adult male. Subsequently on she starts to detest him as she gets to cognize him. She is a good looking, intelligent and nice adult female but Mr. Darcy at foremost does non detect her but subsequently on he gets impressed by her nature and intelligence.

She is besides really acute on her positions about Mr. Collins, she rapidly understands him and realizes that he is a really cockamamie adult male and wants to get married anyone that he can acquire. He is non a reasonable adult male. Therefore, when Mr. Collins proposes to her she refuses his proposal. Even though her female parent greatly opposes her determination but she is house that she does non desire to get married Mr. Collins. She has the thought that matrimony is out of love non for any other ground and she can ne’er hold such feelings for a individual like Mr. Collins.

Despite all this, she is fooled by Mr. Wickham who tells her a sham a narrative about how he was betrayed by Mr. Darcy. Mr. Wickham is really cute and attempts to capture her in order to run off with her as he thinks of her as rich adult females. But Elizabeth is really smart. She is impressed by him but non every bit much as to acquire attracted to him like Lydia, who subsequently elopes with him and lives a suffering live on the charity of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley. The sudden terminal of the relationship between Jane and Mr. Bingley and the truth about Mr. Wickham truly affects Elizabeth as her religion and trust is shattered but she is non hopeless and thinks that some good might go on. She is determined for the improvement of her household and herself.

Elizabeth is really affiliated to her household. Even though her female parent acts really jejunely and is frequently awkward but still she feels offended when Mr. Darcy mocks her female parent. She is really close to her male parent and senior sister Jane. She portions all her feelings with Jane and wants to see her happy. Elizabeth is non a selfish adult female. Even when Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane, Lizzy is really happy and when he all of a sudden disappears she tries to comfort her and cheer her up. She does non even enter into a relationship which Mr. Darcy because he was the ground for destroying Jane ‘s relationship.

Elizabeth is non naA?ve. She understands that her female parent is frequently cockamamie and Acts of the Apostless like a jokester but she disapproves of her male parent being ill-mannered and rough to her. She feels that her male parent must esteem her female parent no affair what because it is impacting their girls. She agrees with Mr. Darcy that her younger sisters has no manners and Acts of the Apostless in an undignified mode, but feels offended when Mr. Darcy mocks her female parent.

The most of import portion of her life has been her relationship with Mr. Darcy. She creates a first feeling of Mr. Darcy when he passes a bad comment about her to Mr. Bingley. He feels that Elizabeth has nil that would allure him. She starts to dislike him as she thinks of him as a rude, chesty and proud adult male. Later this disfavor is turned into hatred due to many grounds. First because of Mr. Darcy ‘s and Ms. Bingley ‘s position of her and her household. But when he stops Mr. Bingley from get marrieding her sister Jane that proves to be the last straw. Her bias towards him starts to turn farther. On the other manus, Mr. Darcy starts to acquire attracted towards Elizabeth and proposes to her who she refuses and blames him for destroying Jane and Mr.Wikham ‘s life. He hence, writes her missive in which he explains all his actions. He tells her that Mr. Wickham is non a good individual. He lost of his familial money in chancing and extravagancy and subsequently tried to run off with his sister in order to acquire her portion in the heritage, but Mr. Darcy caught them in clip and saved his sister. He besides explains to Elizabeth that he thought that her female parent was coercing Jane into matrimony but if he knew that Jane was every bit interested in Mr. Bingley so he would hold ne’er separated them.

Elizabeth is non obstinate and this missive changes her sentiment. Her thought for get marrieding out of love once more finds religion. And she besides starts to acquire attracted towards Mr. Darcy. And feels sad that she rejected his proposal. Subsequently on when he helps her household by conveying back Lydia and Mr. Wickham and re-uniting Mr. Bingley with Jane, Elizabeth starts to wish him. She starts to love him. Then, like in any other love narrative, an adversary, Lady Catherine comes to run into her. She is a relation of Mr. Darcy and does non O.K. of his relationship with Elizabeth. It is so that she realizes that Mr. Darcy is traveling to suggest to her once more. And when Mr. Darcy proposes to her one time once more, she accepts it.

Elizabeth is no uncertainty the chief prima female supporter of the novel. She has a good bosom and is really vocal. She rejects two proposals for her ain rules. She does non do a determination in hastiness but is really determined towards it. She is a immature and lively miss. Her female parent explains to her that after her male parent dies, they will be bankrupted and they will hold nil. She explains to Elizabeth that she must get married Mr. Collins so that they will be able to populate in their household house and have a hereafter. But Elizabeth is a strong adult female she does non subject herself to her female parent ‘s wants. And when Mr. Darcy proposes to her she rejects it on ethical motives evidences that she could non get married a adult male who had ruined her sister ‘s life. She is a loveable adult female who impresses everyone the most.

Chapter 4: Similarities and Differences:

There are many similarities and differences in the character of Catherine Earnshaw and Elizabeth Bennet. First, in the fresh Wuthering Heights, Catherine ‘s whole life is discussed. Her childhood, her likes and disfavors, her upbringing and subsequently on her love life and married life. Whereas for Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, merely her immature life is described which ends with her matrimony.

Catherine and Elizabeth both are rebellious immature adult females. Since childhood Catherine had been arising against her household by playing with Heathcliff and accepting him as his childhood friend. Even after her male parent ‘s decease when Hindley becomes the caput of the household and dainties Heathcliff like a slave. Catherine does non halt playing with him and consoles him whenever he is in grieved. As she grew up this similitude turns into ageless, unconditioned love. But she was non able to arise against the society. She loved Heathcliff but did n’t get married him and married Edgar alternatively. Whereas Elizabeth rebelled against the society and her household. When her female parent tried to coerce her into matrimony with Mr. Collins to procure their hereafter. She deeply refused and stayed house on her believe that matrimony is out of love non for money.

Elizabeth has been really affiliated with her household. She was her male parent ‘s favourite and was really near to her sisters. She ever respected them and did n’t like Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bingley ‘s mocking of her household even when she knew that they were right on their comments. She was a impersonal individual who stood for what was right. She did non like the thought of her male parent mocking her female parent or passing comments when her female parent acted silly. She knew that her female parent frequently acted like a buffoon but wanted her male parent to be respectful towards her for the improvement of their kids. As this attitude was impacting her younger sisters. Whereas with Catherine she was really wild. It ‘s non that she did n’t esteem her household but it was for merely Heathcliff that she could non stand her household degrading him. She did non acquire a proper attending after her male parent died. Therefore, she turned out to be a really wild, barbarian and surpassing miss who had no sense of morality.

Elizabeth had the thought of get marrieding out of love and that is what she did. She refused to get married Mr. Collins. But when she was shattered by the attitude of Mr. Bingley, Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy she decided to get married anyone who came to her. But she was a strong adult female who regained her religion in her rules really rapidly. She was really smart and did non do any cockamamie determinations which she would hold regretted. Later on, she got a proposal from Mr. Darcy which she accepts after falling in love with him. But in Catherine ‘s instance she deeply loved Heathcliff but did non get married him on mercenary evidences. She knew that Heathcliff had no money and had been servant in the house which would hold made it degrading for her to get married him. Therefore, she marries another adult male Edgar, with whom she is somewhat attracted to. She does non love Edgar the manner she loves Heathcliff but still makes a incorrect determination which she regrets subsequently.

Morality plays a critical function when analysing both of the characters. Elizabeth and Catherine both wanted their ain felicity but can easy be distinguished on moral evidences. Catherine married Edgar even when she was in love with another adult male which is morally wrong. She submitted to the norms of the society and her household pride. She even tries to keep a relationship with Heathcliff even after her matrimony with Edgar. It is rather obvious that Edgar refuses to digest it as asks her non to maintain her friendly relationship with Heathcliff. Catherine is profoundly hurt by this and subsequently falls earnestly sick. This moral disenchantment causes her to hold encephalon bleeding and she dies repenting her determination of non get marrieding Heathcliff and go forthing him. While Elizabeth has moral values. She rejects her two proposals on moral evidences. First, with Mr. Collins, she says that she can non get married a adult male, who she can non love, this will be incorrect for him and for herself. And subsequently of Mr. Darcy as she could non get married a adult male who ruined her sisters life. She, after falling in love with Mr. Darcy and recognizing that he was guiltless, accepts his proposal, marries him and lives dependably with him.

There are many similarities between them excessively. They have the same nature. They are both really near to the people they love and can make anything for them. For Elizabeth it ‘s her household and for Catherine its Heathcliff. Elizabeth helps her sister Lydia, after she elopes ; she brings her back to place and provides for her after her matrimony. And she helps to re unite Jane with Mr. Bingley. In the same manner Catherine treats Isabella ( Edgar ‘s sister ) as her ain and discourages her from get marrieding Heathcliff as she knew him indoors out. Catherine knew that Isabella will ne’er be able to populate merrily with Heathcliff and the same happens to her.

Both the characters want their ain felicity but they are non selfish. Catherine is morally wrong in her desires while Elizabeth ‘s desires are appreciated by her male parent.


After analysing Catherine and Elizabeth ‘s character in their several novels we can easy depict their determinations and their character.

Elizabeth was a really strong adult females, she stayed house on her rule of get marrieding out of love. She was a rebellious, caput strong and independent miss. She did non attention of even staying single or being bankrupted. She did non believe in the thought of giving her life and desires for the interest of a impermanent alleviation. She did non desire to give herself for worldly or mercenary agencies. Elizabeth wanted to happen a lasting solution to her household ‘s jobs ; she believed that a determination should be such that no 1 would hold to endure. She wanted to do a determination which would do her household happy every bit good as she could accomplish interior satisfaction.

Catherine was besides a really strong adult female ; she was besides really lively and rebellious miss. She ever lived a life that made her happy. She did n’t care for the societal norms as remained friends with the retainer Heathcliff throughout her childhood. She knew that her brother did non O.K. of this friendly relationship yet she stood steadfast for her rights and desires. But she knew that Heathcliff was non suited for her as a hubby and hence when Edgar proposes to her, she agrees to get married him. She stays merrily married to him for three back-to-back old ages, during which Heathcliff remains disappeared. But after the return of Heathcliff she goes astray, with the return of her childhood friend, her love for him besides returns and she is every expressive about it. She does non conceal her feelings for him and maintains her relationship with him. But it is morally wrong to be married to a adult male and have a relationship with another. So, it was certain that Edgar would ne’er accept it. But Catherine could non accept it particularly after Heathcliff ‘s return. She one time once more desired to populate her life consequently to her wants. She became suffocated in a hypocritical society, which allowed adult male to make anything that they desire but restricted the adult female. Every clip she saw Heathcliff her love for him increased which created jobs in her matrimonial life. She was genitive and covetous for Heathcliff, her love for him helped her life and her green-eyed monster for him killed her.

Therefore, we can see their terminals.Elizabeth has a happy stoping by get marrieding the individual she loves and populating merrily after. She is even able to screen out her household ‘s fiscal issues. Mr. Darcy helps her household in every manner possible. Her determination and forbearance turns out to be fruitful and she additions her joy and felicity yet she is besides able to do her household and parents proud of her. But in Catherine ‘s instance, it is wholly different ; she regrets get marrieding Edgar and died out of depression for holding separated from Heathcliff.

We can easy state that Elizabeth was a tragic heroine but the same can non be said for Catherine.

Ethical considerations:

The chief ethical considerations that I have kept in head during this research are:

I made certain that I did n’t plagiarise and hold given full recognition to the individual whose work or thought that I have taken aid from.

I took permission before utilizing any installations provided by the library and my supervisor whenever required and worked consequently.

I have non been biased while comparing the two characters and did non let my personal positions and likes or disfavors influence my research.

By following this, I have produced and wrote a research thesis which is indifferent. I now give my consent to future research workers, who wish to work on my country of research, to utilize my thesis for their aid. I besides to the full understand that my research is non a concluding finding of fact as I have used merely the resources that I had entree to, and believe that it is limited. Furthermore, if person works on the same research he or she might hold a different finding of fact.

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