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Joyce Carol Oates short narrative Theft is focused on the effects between the interplay of insecurities and power. A Marya, a college pupil life in the Maynard House, is a superb, independent, and reserved pupil highly dedicated with her school assignment. A Within this piece, she gets acquainted with a beautiful sorority miss named Imogene, who is ab initio friendly to her. A However, as clip base on ballss by, their friendly relationship is overtaken and destroyed by Imogene ‘s unexpected treachery. As retaliation, Marya steals a brace of Imogene ‘s earrings to recover her self-respect. A In “ Theft ” , Oates demonstrates that Marya ‘s insecurities lead her to fall back to Acts of the Apostless of larceny so that she can keep her individualism and pride in college.

Marya commits two larcenies throughout her first two old ages in Port Oriskany College. A In her freshers twelvemonth, she steals a pen from her professor after having a B+ in his category. A The 2nd larceny she commits is stealing a brace of earrings from her impermanent friend Imogene. A The ground why she steals from the Professor is because Marya feels like she has embarrassed herself after pleading for an A. Imogene gets her earrings stolen because she makes Marya experience worthy and secured which subsequently ends up bewraying her by distributing rumours.

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Throughout Marya ‘s life she ‘s maintain a perfect record. A During a spiritual survey class she had come near to fring her perfect GPA. A Throughout the whole class she received all A ‘s, but on the concluding test the Professor gave her a C which caused her concluding class to go a B+ . A This angered Marya and caused her to face the professor. A The professor says to Marya, “ You seem like a instead inexorable adult females, ” he said, “ you ne’er smile-you expressions so preoccupied. ” ( Oate159 ) . After he changed her class into an Angstrom he starts depicting her as a serious dejecting miss. A Marya responded by lying, that her female parent has malignant neoplastic disease to do him experience bad and guilty. A She besides sees his pen lying on his desk and takes it. This shows that Marya steals the pen off from the professor because he insults her and attempts to damage her perfect academic record. A It is the fact that she felt shamed after mortifying herself to an nescient adult male she did n’t wish. This larceny allowed Marya to wipe out the embarrassment she went through and felt the satisfaction of a victory. A It shows that she besides steals from Imogene after she betrays her, after taking her feeling of ”worthiness ” off.

In Marya sophomore twelvemonth she meets Imogene, she feels a sense of authorization and importance. A Initially, Marya psychological science was experiencing an overall insecurity about her life. A She depicts herself unattractively in self-portraits ; “ She had made the portrayals uglier than she supposed she truly was ” ( Oates142 ) . Oates implies Marya ‘s unconditioned sense of insecurity, and the deficiency of attending and power she feels at the beginning of the reading. This exposes her feelings of low self-esteem and ineptitude. A Because Marya feels worthless, she feels a great sense of impotence in her college environment, which she finally satisfies with her friendly relationship with Imogene. Imogene allows Marya to experience popular and loved, make fulling her nothingness of ineptitude. A

Marya and Imogene are impermanent friends. It is Marya that begins to experience noticed and powerful because of her newfound attending from her equals. “ Marya smiled cynically to herself, believing that she understood at last the satisfaction a adult male must experience, in public, in the company of a beautiful adult females ” ( Oates 148 ) . A With Imogene by her side, Marya feels secure and safe. A Marya starts to hunger the attending the public gives her ; the closer Marya gets to Imogene, the worthier she begins to experience. A Being associated with Imogene for an drawn-out sum of clip it makes Marya get down to hunger the popularity that she experiences through their friendly relationship. “ Marya is extremely aroused that Imogene Skillman had come to her room ; had anyone on the floor noticed? – Had the miss downstairs at the desk, on telephone responsibility, noticed? ” ( Oates151 ) . Imogene shows up uninvited to Marya ‘s room, and Marya is inquiring if anyone has seen her. A It shows that Marya wants to be seen with Imogene anytime. A She goes to topographic points with Imogene, such as the java store, and to her sorority house, and she begins to bask the feeling of people detecting her presence with Imogene. Marya loves the manner that being associated with Imogene gives her power, and learns to hunger that power. A However, she is incognizant of the fact that Imogene betrays her, which causes Marya to perpetrate larceny.

Imogene invited Marya to a day of the month and made her feel uncomfortable by exposing her to seeing sexual scenes, which made her go forth the topographic point. Imogene goes to Marya ‘s topographic point to return the bag she left in the auto. “ Heres your bag, you left the bag in the auto, Knauer. D ‘ you know, Knauer, your behaviour is acquiring bizarre ” ( Oates170 ) . A This provinces that Imogene is get downing to detect how Marya starts altering her character. Which subsequently ends their friendly relationship because they truly did n’t hold anything else to state. After this Imogene begins to distribute rumours about Marya, which makes Marya confront Imogene to inquire for an account of why she did it.

When Marya shows up in Imogene ‘s room, she inquiries why Imogene kept avoiding her. A The writer writes, “ Why did you avoid me on campus? Why do you ever look the other manner? ” ( Oates174. ) It is proven that Marya is besides concerned with why Imogene has stopped giving her the attending that she antecedently enjoyed holding. A Since Imogene decides to disregard her and betray her, Marya feels angry and exploded by supplying herself the sense of power she ‘s ne’er felt before ; she takes the brace of earrings. A Oates writes, “ Two hebdomads during which Marya had worn the earrings everyplace, for everyone to see, to notice upon, to look up to ” ( Oates176 ) . A She feels a demand to expose them in public to show her power over Imogene, and to catch her attending. This shows that Marya wants to hold Imogene ‘s attending even if it ‘s for the last clip, she overcomes the feeling of a victory, and through these actions, she attains the sense of being “ worthy ” . Despite the fact that Imogene and Marya are no longer friends, Marya still craves the power that she had when they were friends. A Marya besides explains, “ No oneaˆ¦can maintain me from my perfect record, ” ( 176. ) Here, one can see how Marya takes pride in stealing because it gives her the power that Imogene has taken. A Which states that she wants to keep this control. She no longer wants to travel through the feeling of unworthiness and feeling insecure. So she finds the solution to her low self-esteem by taking herself to fall back to Acts of the Apostless of larceny so that she can keep her individualism and pride in college.

A In decision, Marya possesses a powerful outlook and bargains from those who harm her. A Although she started off with insecurities of experiencing “ ugly ” Marya subsequently gets to see having the attending that was given to her and learns to bask it. A Through “ Theft ” , Marya strives to keep the power that came with her newfound impermanent friendly relationship and popularity with Imogene. After being harmed by Imogene, Marya resorted to theft and made a power drama on Imogene, fulfilling her hungriness for greed and laterality. A Marya ne’er thought to perpetrate two larcenies through her college experience, but it was her insecurities that overwhelmed her. She did n’t desire anyone harming her perfect record. Which was the lone thing she felt secure and dependant approximately. A She learns to hunger the attending she gets, which besides serves to fulfill Marya ‘s desire for power.

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