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The drama “ The Crucible ” by Arthur Miller is set in the New England town of Salem, Massachusets in the twelvemonth 1692. This has a really of import consequence on the drama. Salem is populated chiefly with Puritans, or a individual who is rigorous in moral or spiritual affairs. Therefore, there were rigorous regulations as to what it mean to be a Christian. Now, you are inoccent until proved guilty. However in that clip, you were guilty until proved guiltless. Thingss that happened in the drama, such as the enchantress tests, could merely go on in a theocracy based on actual Christianity. A subsetting in the drama is the wood within Salem. The wood was seen as the last strong clasp of immorality in the town. Abigail and the misss danced in the wood, therefore it was seen as ruled by the Satan, when Salem was seen as ruled by God.


A group of misss go dancing in the forests lead by an African American slave named, Tituba.

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Reverend Parris ‘ girl Betty falls into a coma-like province.

Revernd Parris sends for Reverand Hale, an expert of witchery.

Elizabeth urges John to denounce Abigail as a fraud.

Mary Warren, returns from Salem with the intelligence that Elizabeth has been charges with enchantress trade.

Giles Correy and Francis Nurse apprehension Elizabeth.

John Proctor forces Mary Warren to attest that the misss are lying.

Elizabeth is spared for clip because she is pregnant.

John Proctor convinces Danforth to let Mary Warren to attest and Mary tells the tribunal the misss are lying.

When the group of misss are brought in the accuse Mary of capturing them.

John Proctor confesses his afair with Abigail Williams and accuses her of being motivated by the green-eyed monster of his married woman.

Danforth asks Elizabeth if her hubby has been unfaithful to her, but says he has n’t to save her hubbies name. She did non cognize John had already confessed.

Mary accuses John Proctor of being a enchantress.

John Proctor is arrested and Hale quits the proceedings.

Abigail Williams runs off, taking Reverand Parris ‘ money with her.

Reverand Hale begs the accused enchantresss to squeal falsely to salvage their lives, but they will non.

Elizabeth attempt to speak John into squealing.

John confesses but refuses to imply anyone else, and ends up abjuring his confession.

Fictional characters

There are many of import characters in “ The Crucible. ” One of them is Reverand Samuel Parris. Reverand Parris is an egolistic adult male that was more concerned with his repute than the illness of his kid. He has made many alterations to his church that are to the peoples discouragement. He was strongly disliked for rolling off from the ways of the Puritan Church, such as puting gold within the church and desiring to have the house that the church had provided for him. John Proctor, the supporter in this drama every bit good as a mark of Reverand Parris ‘ , is another of import character. Mr. Proctor is a adult male in his mid-thirtiess, and is seems unlike the other work forces in the town. He had a brief afair with Abigain, and is doing it his responsibility to halt the enchantress Hunt that he and his married woman, Elizabeth Proctor, have found themselve caught up in. Mr.Proctors married woman, Elizabeth Proctor, has a non-affectionate demeanour towards her really caring hubby, taking him into the weaponries of Abigail. This makes Elizabeth Abigails chief mark, for she thinks if she is gone, she whave a opportunity with Mr. Proctor. Abigail Williams, the adolescent neice of Reverand Parris, is the chief force behind the enchantress Hunt. She is the leader of the victims claiming to be possesed who are in hunt of the towns “ enchantresss. ” Abigail ‘s cousin, Betty Parris, is the 10 twelvemonth old girl of Reverand Parris. She cryptically became badly after being caught by her male parent dance with the other misss in the forests naked. Betty ‘s illness brings Reverend Hale to Salem to look into for marks of witchery. Reverand Hale is a august reverand who starts a monolithic eruption of people being accused. He realizes the corruptness of the eruption and attempts to protect the lives of guiltless people.


Many subjects are portrayed in this wage. One of them is lie and deciet. Most, if non all of the characters are lying in some manner. If non to other people, so to themselves. Along with, Respect and Reputation, the societal position in the town is tied to 1s ability to substain the mute spiritual regulations. A good name is the lone manner you will last, such as acquiring people to make buissiness with you or even acquiring a just hearing in tribunal, nevertheless repute means nil when it comes to hex trade. Another subject is Good and Evil. The small town bases their belief system between good V immorality, or god vs Satan. The drama is divided into two cantonments, but cipher genuinely understands which side is good, and which side is bad. Then of class, there ‘s the subject of green-eyed monster. However, the chief subject is fear. Fear of the Satan allows the enchantress tests to continue, fright of decease causes people to lie and state they ‘re enchantresss, and the fright of lying causes inocent people to decease.


Act 4- John Proctor: “ Because it ‘s my name! Because I can non hold another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am non worth the dust on the pess of them that bent! How may I live without my name? I have given you my psyche ; go forth me my name! ”

– John cares more about he and his friends reputes that his ain life

Act 3- John Proctor: “ A adult male may believe god slumbers, but God sees everything. I know that now. ”

-John now realizes that what he did was Abigail was a wickedness and that it was incorrect, and he claims he will non do the same error once more.

Act 1- Abigail Williams: “ I danced for the Satan ; I saw him, I wrote in his book ; I go back to Jesus ; I kiss his manus ” -Abigail is worried about being disgraced for holding dramatis personae appeals, dance, and idolizing the Satan with her friends and hopes she can be forgiven and return to god.

Act 2- Elizabeth Proctor: “ John, allow me this. You have a faulty apprehension of immature misss. There is a promise made in any bed… ” -Elizabeth is seeking to explicate to her hubby, John, that Abigail is impeaching her of being a enchantress because she is covetous of her and wants John to herself.

Act 3- Danforth: “ You must understand, sir, that a individual is either with this tribunal or he must be counted against it, there be no route between. This is a crisp clip, now, a precise timeaa‚¬ ” we live no longer in the twilight afternoon when immorality mixed itself with good and befuddled the universe. ”

-He is stating that everything and everyone belongs to God or the Devil. The tribunal every bit good as the authorities of Massachusets needfully belong to God. That means, anyone who disagrees with the courtaa‚¬a„?s activities is non an honorable opposition.


1 ) Why did they put the people that claimed to hold worshipped the devil free, instead than the 1s that claimed they did n’t?

2 ) What started the enchantress tests?

3 ) How did the enchantress tests end and who ended them?

4 )

5 )


I believe things that happened in the Salem Witch Trials were extremely unjust and uncalled for. It made me recognize that I ‘m really greatful to populate in the society we live in today. The tribunal was unjust and people got killed for no ground. If the tribunal had non improved since so, I can non even get down to conceive of what society today would be like. I think they should hold at least found grounds of people being guilty before they were hung, instead than taking peoples word. Merely because they swore to state the truth, does n’t intend they actaully do.

Assignment # 2



Dear Elizabeth Proctor,

Throughout the drama, I found you one of the most inspiring characters. You were a female parent and married woman, who has been through a great trade. You were accused of witchery merely because of green-eyed monster, and were cheated on but still managed to assist your hubby when he was in demand. The manner you carried yourself even though you were accused of something you had n’t really done is truly astonishing. You stayed true to who you are and did n’t interrupt down like many of the others that had been accused did. When the tribunal asked you to step in and convince John to squeal, even though you knew he did n’t, you helped him make up one’s mind what was best to make for non merely yourself, but for him aswell.

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