The Plot Of The Glass Menagerie English Literature Essay Free Essay

The rudimentss of the secret plan of, “ The Glass Menagerie ” constructs Laura as a tragic figure. This is non merely because she is single and distressingly diffident, but besides because she is really physically crippled and must have on a brace on her leg, a physical outward mark to all that she is different. Still, even a physical disability and societal clumsiness are non plenty to measure up her as tragic, her state of affairs itself contains calamity.

Laura lives with a female parent who is stuck in the past and who does non desire to acknowledge to Laura ‘s defects, so that she could assist her get the better of them. For case, when Amanda tells her kids in the gap scene about how she “ aˆ¦received-seventeen! – gentlemen companies! ” ( page 1157 ) , in one afternoon when she was younger. “ What? No one – non one? You must be jesting! ” ( pg. 1158 ) is what Amanda says to her girl after an afternoon waiting for work forces to come and name on them. She merely does non desire to see that work forces do non name on adult females any longer and that the times have alteration. Her female parent merely can non look to acquire into her caput that Laura can non manage the force per unit areas of larning at school and that she needs to get married a adult male to be successful in life. Her brother, Tom, feels obligated to take attention of her but besides cares about her because she is his sister. Their female parent adds to this feeling of duty in the 4th scene by stating him that “ aˆ¦as shortly as Laura has got person to take attention of her, married, a place of her ain, independent – why, so you ‘ll be free to travel wheresoever you pleaseaˆ¦ ” . Although Tom does experience the force per unit area of holding to do certain that his sister is taken attention of, before he can run off and travel, he besides does care for Laura. At the terminal of scene four we see some marks of compunction after he has broken her glass aggregation and at the terminal of the drama when he walks along the streets and reminded of his sister by the glass bottles. Besides at the beginning of scene four, after stating that he will non talk to their female parent, after their battle, he does so because Laura asks him to. His fondness for her besides shows when she rushes down the fire flight to fast and steal Tom leaps to assist her but she tells him she is all right. Her male parent “ aˆ¦fell in love with long distanceaˆ¦ ” ( pg. 1155 ) and his lone presences in “ The Glass Menagerie ” is his portrayal that overlooks the goings-on of the house.

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Laura is ne’er an counter character, yet the confrontations between her female parent and brother, particularly in scene 3, seems to greatly impact her. She seems tragic because she makes herself experience that manner and the events that happen to her terminal in calamity. As we saw in the concluding scene Laura felt insecure about have oning a leg brace during high school for her physical status. She ever thought that “ aˆ¦it clumped so loud! ” ( page 1192 ) “ To [ her ] it sounded like – boom! ” ( page 1193 ) but Jim told her that she was merely over overstating and the “ aˆ¦ [ he ] ne’er even noticed. ” ( page 1192 ) the sounds, she heard. The phase waies show us Jim, either deliberately or accidentally encouraging Laura ‘s emotions for him to go stronger. Jim is told to hold, starry eyes after speaking about the hereafter and smile at Laura when she looks at him timidly, to dance with her in a klutzy walk-in but Acts of the Apostless like she is the most graceful miss in the universe. When he eventually kisses her and so tells her that he is engaged to be married Laura has come across another tragic event. This shatters Laura and all her hopes for flight seem to be impossible. She is non even a rare and beautiful glass statuette but a unicorn with a broken horn, doing her a “ normal Equus caballus ” or a mythic blue rose that is reasonably, but unreal.

The phase waies, in this drama, seem to magnify the dramatic calamities that happen in Laura ‘s life. They show the audience how frail she is. For case, when Tom and Amanda are disputing, “ Laura [ is to ] base in forepart of them with clenched custodies and panicked look. A clear pool of visible radiation on her figure throughout this scene. ” ( pg. 1163 ) . This is of import non merely because it draws attending to her frail glass like nature but besides because it makes the reader distressingly cognizant of the effects that the spat has on her. As Tom tries to go forth after the spat, between him and Amanda, he can non look to set on his coat and in an act of defeat “ aˆ¦he tears the coat off once more aˆ¦ and hurls it across the room. It strikes against the shelf of Laura ‘s glass aggregation ; there is a ting of shattering glass. ” This is another manner that we are shown through the phase waies that Laura is affected tragically from the spat of Tom and Amanda ; she is tattered merely like her glass menagerie. Tennessee Williams ‘ description of Laura helps explains her separation from others and that an unwellness affected her leg as a kid which in bend made her self-aware and becomes, “ like a piece of her ain glass aggregation. ” It is hard to see Laura as to the full developed, particularly since she has comparatively few lines, even though her presence drives the secret plan, it seems, because of these phase waies that we are to see her as a glass statuette in human form, largely tongueless, alone, and highly delicate.

She is enclosed in a illumination, cramped flat with her “ keeper ” and is seldom, if of all time, handled. The reader pictures Laura rolling the streets entirely with a bad leg, in the cold, merely to acquire out of her categories and self embarrassment. One of the most tragic scenes, for Laura, is when she is entirely with Jim. Her fondness for him clearly shows and Jim leads her onto hoping that he is her flight. It is at this point that we see the full tragic range of her state of affairs, particularly since Jim seems to show a image of the “ existent universe ” therefore doing Laura contrast with it. She has no topographic point in the “ modern universe ” she is much like the unicorn, before and after the horn is broken off. The horn symbolizes her bosom while the unicorn itself is her withdrawal from the existent universe. She should non be touched, since she breaks so easy. She seems to recognize this when she tells Jim, “ if you breatheaˆ¦it interruptions. ” ( page 1197 ) A It is tragic that she one time had a opportunity at being handled, emotionally, and so it became tattered and impossible.

It would still be easy to see Laura as a tragic figure, merely because of her isolation from the “ modern ” universe of Jim or even her brother. Still, the full consequence of her tragic province would non be realized without including the metaphor of her being a glass figure, everlastingly encased in the “ casket ” of her female parent ‘s house without her brother, the merely other individual who could understand her. While it is tragic plenty to believe of a diffident individual with a bad leg, this is non the existent calamity ; the true tragic scenario is that she is the broken unicorn who is fated to go a regular Equus caballus.

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