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The book Their Eyes Were Watching God follows the narrative of Janie Crawford. It is a narrative non merely of the chief characters search for individualism, but her hunt for a voice of her ain, and an flight from patriarchal figures of her clip. Because she lives in male dominated society, her voice is frequently shunned and non accepted, yet she finds manner of somehow evade the thought of such a society and someway do her voice be heard. Voice is a tool, rhetorical and literary, and is in itself really powerful.

“ It was the clip to hear things and talk. These Sitters had been tongueless, earless, eyeless comfortss all twenty-four hours long. Mules and other beasts had occupied their skinsaˆ¦..They became Godheads of sounds and lesser things. They passed states through their oral cavities. They sat in judgement. ” ( Neale Hurston 29-30 ) Hurston employs the folkloric symbol of the mule to uncover the ways in which the Afro-american people can be dehumanized and silenced by society. Peoples are compared to animate beings, mules, which are considered the beasts of all animate beings. The workers, had ever been tongue less, ne’er had a opportunity to talk their ain head, and hence they had no voice and wo n’t if they continue to be treated the manner they are. “ Hurston, as an informing narrative consciousness, uses interiority in Their Eyes to qualify those who are soundless and miss their ain voices, every bit good as to add dimension to those with voices. ” ( Racine 283 ) Racine expresses how Hurston decided to compose about how some people did possess a voice, while others were deprived from it, and were non allowed to show who they truly were. This is proven, as in the narrative, Janie ‘s grandma was born during bondage, black people or African Americans, did non possess any voice at all, her grandma ever wanted to do a great address, but no 1 would listen, and even though she made Janie marry excessively immature, she had ever wanted Janie to be able to talk and hold people listen. Yet it is non so easy, as when the town of Eatonville asks Janie to do a address, Joe, her hubby says that because she is a adult female she does n’t cognize anything about doing addresss and does n’t let her to talk hushing her voice. By making so, all her esteems and hopes are crumbled down by the obstinacy of one adult male.

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“ The old ages took all the battle out of Janie ‘s face. For a piece she thought it was gone from her psyche. No affair what Jody did, she said nil. She had learned how to speak some and go forth some. She was a rut in the route. Plenty of life beneath the surface but it was kept beaten down by the wheels. ” ( Neale Hurston 108 ) . This is another illustration of voice, as Janie is unable to pass on and feels isolated, she sees herself as the “ rut in the road. ” . All the life she had aspired for had been taken from her and hidden, she could non see it, nor experience it. Her matrimony worsens and worsens, and she speaks less and less every clip.

Another phrase that represents the ideals of holding a voice is shown on chapter 8 of the book, “ She thought back and Forth about what had happened in the devising of a voice out of a adult male. ” ( Neale Hurston 119 ) . Joe thinks he has become a large voice, and hence he thinks that makes him of import, but he concentrates so much on that voice that he forgets others have voices every bit good, and hence he loses everything he has, including his bosom and humanity. Joe was a adult male, a adult male in which Janie had found a hubby, but his voice became crumbled and blasphemy, and the voice that had one characterized him was the 1 that took from him all that was good.

We have all felt repressed at some phase during our lives, as if we are non able to talk or to be listened, but in the terminal, we find who we are and the voice we have and portion with others. We all find that one minute in which we achieve triumph over subjugation and in the book Janie eventually finds it at the terminal, with her voice being free and able to stand for who she is. Our voice makes us and what we do with it will impact what we might go in the hereafter.

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