The Powerful Emotions Of Love English Literature Essay Free Essay

Love is one of the strongest, most powerful emotions that anyone will of all time see. It is a cosmopolitan emotion that completes every person and can be found in many different signifiers. Love is a life ‘s quest waiting to be unravelled and one time the sensational feeling it creates is released, the bond it holds over two persons makes about anything in life ‘s journey feel possible. There are many different facets of love. Often, it is defined as the minute in person ‘s life where they reach the extremum of felicity and wish to pass the remainder of their life with person. Love can be romantic, or merely a signifier of fondness that you hold for a household member. It can besides be passionate, exciting and soothing, cognizing that there is person by your side who you can care for and turn old with. Love is a breathless experience and one time true love is found, nil can be greater. However there are besides many negative facets of love. It can do green-eyed monster, insecurity, desperation and even hatred. When a relationship ends, sometimes by decease, it can frequently go forth the spouse experiencing distraught, lonely and unwanted. Peoples may experience there is nil deserving life for, taking to depression or even suicide. Consequently, many poets have written about love depicting it in many different ways ; such as laies, free poetry, iambic pentameter and most normally, sonnets. These manners open up a broad scope of ways in which a verse form can be portrayed and the temper it creates.

We studied a broad scope of verse forms that each discussed the subject of love. ‘First love ‘ by John Clare, describes the emotional feeling of first love and the felicity it brings. He mentions that love is guiltless yet besides describes how love can be painful and obsessional. ‘How make I love thee? ‘ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, is written to underscore the felicity her lover brings to her. ‘A Birthday ‘ by Christina Rossetti, describes the joys and effects that love has. ‘When we two parted ‘ by Lord Byron, explores the feelings of desperation, hatred and upset caused by the separation of a lover. ‘A Woman to her Lover ‘ by Christina Walsh, describes the negative facets of how work forces treat their married womans and is standing up for adult females ‘s rights. ‘The last Duchess ‘ by Robert Browning, looks at how love can do green-eyed monster. The verse form describes the autobiography of a adult male who purportedly had his married woman murdered as he was covetous that she attracted other work forces. ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci ‘ by John Keats, describes the hurting of being deceived by love and the sense of insecurity and solitariness it creates.

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The verse form, ‘When we two parted ‘ by Lord Byron, is a verse form based on the facet of loss and tells the narrative of a adult male who misses his love. The verse form is written in the first individual so it is possible that is autobiographical and refers to the separation of him and one of his many lovers. Lord Byron describes how things used to be and advert his bing feelings about the past events of his life, as seen when he begins the verse form: “ when we two parted in silence and cryings ” demoing that he is still populating in the past. We learn how he feels through his present and future ideas, which helps us to understand how he is experiencing emotionally. Lord Byron has been so hurt by the incident that he is discerning about run intoing her once more and experience the demand to fix himself for what may go on in the hereafter: “ How should I recognize thee? ” This is an illustration of how his temper alterations throughout the verse form as he begins by believing about the past and terminals by believing about the hereafter. There is besides a nexus as he uses the phrase “ With silence and cryings ” , to both start and stop the verse form. Possibly he feels that when he sees his love one time once more he will be reminded of the painful memories of when she left.

The verse form begins with a soft, streamlined, regular rime strategy in each stanza, get downing with ABAB CDCD nevertheless ends miserably at the terminal of each line, underscoring the weightiness it holds. The construction has been ‘broken-up ‘ into four, abruptly, eight lined stanzas which besides emphasises how his bosom has been broken up into bantam pieces. The verse form has a regular beat and rime strategy which suggests that as the author was sorrowing, he is trying to be more controlled and composure about the state of affairs. As seen in the first stanza, the verse form gives the feeling that his love has died, “ in silence and cryings, half broken hearted ” . This suggests that he is mourning over the terminal of the relationship that his lover has ended ; experiencing unhurt yet left him experiencing broken hearted. We besides see this when he mentions: “ picket grew thy cheek and cold, colder thy buss ” as it suggests that she is unnaturally cold and exanimate. We are besides given the feeling that possibly this is because she was fallacious and merely pretended to love him but so became world-weary. We learn from the 2nd stanza that she broke all of the promises that she had made with him, “ thy vows are all broken ” . Though vows are frequently acknowledged with matrimony, they can besides be used to stand for the promises that join a twosome together. Marriage vows can merely be broken with decease which suggests that their relationship died and therefore so did their ‘vows ‘ . However, it is possible that Lord Byron had a secret matter with person, who was already married significance that he was doing their vows to be broken. We are besides presented with the thought that they both did something shameful: “ And portion in its shame ” . This implies that Lord Byron feels guilty about what he became a portion of and the tone of how it is written suggests that he feels a sense of sorrow. The 3rd stanza besides supports the thought that the lover has left him: “ A knell to mine ear ” which shows how he is invariably being reminded of the decease of their relationship. In the last stanza we are told that “ In secret we met ” , which implies that possibly he was holding a love matter with a adult female and so they had to run into in secret because it would hold been out love. Throughout the verse form we see a mixture of different emotions which adds to the sad and tragic atmosphere that the poet creates.

Contrastingly, the verse form, ‘A Birthday ‘ by Christina Rossetti ‘ focal points on the felicity and joy that love brings. The poet describes all of the talker ‘s emotions and feelings associated with her birthday. There are many feminine mentions throughout the verse form, such as when she compares her bosom with a ‘singing bird whose nest is in a moire shoot ‘ as It is the female bird will construct a nest for her immature, so it is possible that the poet is besides the talker in the verse form. The verse form is written utilizing the signifier of iambic tetrameter which creates a fast-paced pulse beat, demoing her exhilaration for the twenty-four hours. There is usage of haptic imagination: “ Raise me a podium of silk and down ; Hang it with vair and violet dyes ” . The silk is soft and cherished and the vair, squirrel pelt, is really expensive. The usage of expensive medieval stuffs shows that she is experiencing a sense of royalty and pride for being in love. It besides shows that she is full of life. The poet uses repeat of “ My bosom ” at the beginning of the first four sentences which emphasises her feeling of joy and shows her felicity and exhilaration for the start of this particular twenty-four hours. She begins the verse form by saying: “ My Heart is like a vocalizing bird ” A cantabile bird is by and large associated with love affair which suggests that possibly her lover is coming to see her and the usage of sound evokes a sense of peace and natural fulfillment. She besides describes her bosom like a “ rainbow shell ” which suggests that she is so blinded by the beauty of love, that it is as if she is tucked off in her ain, little, small universe. The last four sentences, she makes a list of instructions about what she wants before her love comes. This, yet once more, shows the exhilaration she is experiencing as she wants everything to be perfect for the reaching. She demands that her podium is “ Carved in doves and Punica granatums ” . ‘Carve ‘ symbolises that she wants it to be lasting so that the cherished minute will ne’er be forgotten and doves symbolises beauty and peace, so she wants it to be a happy twenty-four hours. ‘Pomegranates ‘ have 100s of seeds which can stand for eggs of birthrate and love. However it can besides be seen as a representation of new life. This gives us the feeling that possibly this verse form is depicting the reaching of a new Born or merely signifies that she feels reborn. There are several other references that suggest this, such as: “ whose nest is in a moire shoot ” . Birds frequently nest when they are traveling to put eggs, which is a signifier of new life and a shoot besides represents new life. The concluding line is the most important as it has several different significances as to what the whole verse form is based upon: “ Because the birthday of my life is come, my love is come to me ” . This may symbolize the fact that the birthday of her cherished new born has arrived and now her bosom is filled with love and joy. It may merely be a manner of demoing her felicity for retrieving the twenty-four hours she was born or it could possibly be that it is non her existent birthday but represents a new particular individual she has met who makes her feel born-again. It is besides possible that her love is spiritual and signifies her going closer to God, perchance by verification to the church.

The poet smartly allows us to research her feelings and visualize her emotions by utilizing imagination that engages us with her imaginativenesss by sound and touch: “ paddles in a Alcyone sea ” creates graphic ideas of standing on a beach and hearing people paddle in the deepnesss of a beautiful turquoise, bluish sea. We can see from the manner that her temper does non alter and remains throughout, that she looks at love in a really positive visible radiation and wants to observe the felicity it brings.

We see a big contrast between ‘A Birthday ‘ and ‘A adult female to her lover ‘ by Christina Walsh. This verse form was written pre-1914, which was a clip where work forces were seen to be the more dominant figure, over adult females. They had more authorization over jurisprudence and employment and most adult females would non hold dared to talk out about the issue of sexism. The verse form is hence instead surprising, for the clip it was written, as it is standing up for adult females ‘s rights and doing it clear that adult females have the right to be treated as peers to work forces. The talker lists the committednesss that adult females are expected to do, one time married, and states how work forces regard adult females as domestic slaves, angels and sex objects. However in the verse form ‘A Birthday ‘ we see that the talker feels really much committed to her love as she seems to desire to delight him by doing everything perfect before he arrives. The verse form of ‘A adult female to her lover ‘ is written in the signifier of free poetry as this makes it easier for the talker to speak and to reason their feelings. The first three stanzas have been used to indicate out the three chief stereotyped positions of adult females. The first stanza covers the country of being treated like a domestic retainer and being expected, as a married woman, to make the day-to-day family jobs: “ to do me your bondslave ” is written in a manner that shows us her sense of disgust at the uncomplimentary outlooks of work forces. The poet besides uses commanding, aggressive words: “ as vanquisher to the vanquished ” to depict the manner that adult females feel they are used as retainers. In the 2nd stanza the poet challenges the manner some work forces control adult females by idolizing them as beautiful ownerships to look at. We see that there is a little spiritual subject all the manner through the verse form as at one point, she refers to herself as an angel who has been sent down from heaven to make as he pleases. There is usage of repeat on the last line of the first two stanzas: “ I refuse you ” which shows that she is seeking to underscore her message of being treated reasonably and with regard.

In the 3rd stanza the poet describes how many work forces feel that adult females are merely sex objects for them to have and to fulfill their desires. She accuses them of being lecherous: “ My tegument soft merely for your fond caresses ” We notice the character ‘s sense of disgust towards this affair and there is usage of sibilance to depict her choler as it sounds like the words are being hissed out in hate. The words used in this stanza are all negative which shows her choler for this ruthless behavior. She even refers to herself as “ a animal ” which shows that her lover does non esteem her, doing her feel like she is worthless and does n’t merit to be treated like a human.

However, in the 4th stanza the tone changes dramatically where the talker gives her lover the chance to alter: “ But lover, if you ask of me That I shall be your companion, friend and mate ” . This shows that she is giving him the opportunity to demo some dialogue. She besides provides a sense of forever togetherness with the usage of ‘list of three ‘ . The last stanza is the largest which emphasises the freedom she wants in matrimony. In this verse form, the poet is contending for the love and regard that she wants from a relationship and from her spouse. She besides explains how she expects to be treated as an equal and for their love to be every bit balanced: “ our co-equal love will do the stars to express joy with joy ” . There is an accent on equality and coaction: “ we shall hold music of the domains for a nuptial March… manus keeping manus until we reach the very bosom of God ” which shows that these are the two issues she feels most strongly approximately. She describes how it is incorrect and disrespectful to see adult female as child-bearers, sexual objects and to be treated like retainers. The verse form is besides directed at all the other work forces in the universe as she is seeking to stand up for all adult females. It is a powerful verse form as it displays the issues of sexism in society and how she wants work forces to alter their attitudes towards adult females.

Love can be complicated and yet a life altering experience. There are many signifiers of love and hence poets have written about it in different ways. As seen in the three verse forms I have analysed, it is clear to state that love is one of the most powerful looks in life and really frequently, it is what determines how people live. These verse forms have shown a mixture of emotions towards love, some being hatred, compassion and others sadness but overall they have shown that though love is a cosmopolitan emotion, it can be experienced in so many ways.

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