The Themes Of Racism And Discrimination English Literature Essay Free Essay

In recent months, we were reading different books ; many of them gave us a new cognition and a new position about the different subjects that they talk. This clip I decided to read and show the unbelievable book, “ Invisible Man ” , by Ralph Ellison, where the subjects more relevant in my personal point of position are Racism and Discrimination, for that ground I want to compare and contrast how these subjects are used in another books named “ House of Sand and Fog ” by Andre Dubus III and “ The Kite Runner ” by Khaled Hossein. I want to demo the importance that these subjects have in each book, of class they are presented in different ways.

I consider that Racism and Discrimination are among the most of import subjects presented by the books mentioned above ; nevertheless, although the context in which the narratives are develop is different from ours, it is indispensable to advert the importance and the contention that these subjects still holding in the different societal environments presents. I besides think it is of import to discourse these subjects because through this essay, I will seek to demo people that Racism and Discrimination do non hold a good justification, because in malice of that that, they are used to command people in order to hold the complete power in many different facets.

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Based on my old experiences in the topic, I can state that Racism and Discrimination are closely linked and they are defined as an political orientation and action of rejection and intolerance towards people whose features are non the same that people who discriminate, which means that if person has a credo, colour tegument or different nationality, they become capable of ridicule, rejection and ill will. As a effect of this political orientation the mass have the control to the province, part or state.

As we can see, Racism and Discrimination are based on a psychological job, but the harm they can do is frequently irreversible, as we can see in the instance of Mr. Behrani in the book “ House of Sand and Fog. ” Mr. Amir is looking for a new chance and a new life style in a state where he is looked as an immigrant occupying the state with his household. That is why during the class of the book state of affairss will go more and more hard for him, because people who are around, I mean Lester and Kathy, do everything possible to take advantage of the conditions and take advantage of AmirA?s ignorance and artlessness.

The instance that the book presents merely is a instance lived in the United States of America, where twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, through the intelligence we see a series of unfairnesss committed to immigrants in that state where fright plays an of import function. Most of people who live in a foreign state think that they do non hold rights so when they find people like Lester they feel threatened, because they are afraid to lost everything they have and they are afraid to be deported and return to the topographic point they wanted to go forth buttocks.

In this book, as we see, the actions that show the racialist intervention towards Amir will lift as the novel is developing. The book ends with a tragic decease of the AmirA?s boy which is one of the most serious effects of Discrimination. Racism in this book is presented in a elusive manner, because we can merely state that the supporters are the household of Amir. However, if we took the narrative to a existent context, the household of Amir is the representation of all the households of immigrants in the United States, non merely Ireland but from all over the universe. The instance that this book shows is really common, because even in Mexico it is and will stay hard to win instances in legal affairs when people are reasoning with people who belong to the state, non for the fact that foreign rights are non taken, but closed mindedness that many people have and the small justness that occurs when people make determinations.

On the other manus, in the book “ Invisible adult male ” , we can see more clearly how Racism and Discrimination are given in an unfastened, hapless, barbarous and above all sad racial favoritism. However, unlike the book “ House of Sand and Fog ” , where favoritism is to foreign people, in this book it is worse. Racism is between people of the same state, but this clip it is between Whites and inkinesss.

I think it is of import to speak about the context because as we have studied throughout the major in the south portion of the United States has ever lived a big figure of black people, on the other manus in north white people abounded. The separation of these two races was obvious, but non merely for the location of each of them, but by the great societal differences that they had, black have been seen as the working category and white people as the enterprisers.

In the book “ Invisible adult male ” , a individual recounts the experiences he had when he decided to halt being merely a black cat like the others. The “ storyteller ” , which is how the book presents him, realized that life for black people is really hard, non merely because it was surrounded by a white supremacist, but because the bulk of black people who had an of import topographic point ever are seeking to maintain these stations but rip offing on their ain companions. In the book, the supporter faced with a myriad of humiliation by white people to acquire a occupation more or less respectable, but subsequently he realized that he non merely had to take attention of white people, but more than that he should care of the involvements that each people were looking, because sometimes it is non count the colour of their tegument, because every individual has a different outlook than a cause frequently non fall in. For that ground at the terminal of this brilliant book, “ the storyteller ” gives readers a great lesson: he realizes that if he wants to do a existent alteration he must get down from himself before he feign to convert other people.

With these books the readers can acquire an thought of the magnitude of these jobs, Racism and Discrimination in the United States because through the chapters we can see literally how white people saw and tested black people as an objects, beginnings of distraction and income at low monetary values ; but particularly like a group of people capable of follow their orders in any circumstance in order to acquire a topographic point in this racialist society. As we can see, racism goes beyond mere guess and belittling of other people. In fact, racism is the belittling of the human race in general, and there is no a logical ground to back up the behavior of the people to judge other people. However it is hard to state which of the two instances mentioned above is worse, the justice people by the colour of their tegument and their beginning or to know apart against people with whom we portion more things, like, state, skin colour, beliefs and above all ideals.

In the book “ The kite smuggler ” the writer shows how hard is to populate in a society where Discrimination is present. Pashtun and Hazaras are two folks who live and portion the same traditions and land, nevertheless the different position do non let them to populate in harmoniousness, because Pashtun think that they are better than Hazaras, they do non recognize that all of them are really of import for their society and besides their demand each others.

The grounds for Racism and Discrimination between people are many, like we can see in the books, power, aspiration, skin colour and the absurd political orientation of high quality that many people have, but all these instances are caused by the deficiency of information of people and besides an instruction separated from world, where everyone sees a changeless enemy in people who are non physically equal to them. , but the authorities plays an of import function in these delicate subjects, for illustration in instruction plans ever talk about favoritism and how it happened but how many times have we seen people from different topographic points speaking about the same subject or sharing their different civilizations? ? ? The reply is really easy, ne’er.

The books are the consequence of the contemplation of a society tired of the same, tired of seen state of affairss that happened and besides the weakness of non being able to make anything to work out them. The manner in which Ralph Ellison, Andrei Dubois III and Khaled Hossein handled the narratives, shows that anyone can be the supporter of any of these novels, because none of us is immune to being racially discriminated. The of import thing is that people, who read these books, read them non merely because person said that they have to make it, people have to read them because those books give us knowledge that we can utilize in existent life. Racism and Discrimination are really sensitive subjects in any country in which they are presented, and as we see in the book “ Invisible adult male ” , the fact that the storyteller say addresss and speak about equal rights does non truly be, is something we have to maintain combat but it is something that people have to educate, because equality is non a privilege, it is a right.

In the books, “ Invisible Man ” and “ House of sand and fog ” , the writers use the same phase to speak about Discrimination and Racism ; we refer to the United States. However, in my point of position I believe that racism and favoritism are everyplace ; it is clear that the United States is a state where those subjects are much mentioned, as we see it now with Arizona jurisprudence which has as a chief end, behaving and deprive rights to all individuals who are non United States citizens. The job is non that people do non desire aliens in their state, but the manner in which favoritism may judge a individual by the mode of how they look. That fact is clearly a racial favoritism even when we are purportedly in a new century, full of alterations.

It is of import to observe that now the United States president is black, because for old ages African americans have been contending for their rights, which do non make them until 1871 but it is until now that a president with these features comes to power. This would look a important advancement for this state so criticized, nevertheless it is the same period where the jurisprudence Arizona is approve. I think this approbation comes as a reaction of white people as an act of rebellion against his president merely because his tegument is black.

Talking about Racism and Discrimination it is speaking about subjects that have no topographic point of beginning, it means that every bit good as knocking the United States in both books, the same manner we can knock people any portion of the universe, like Afghanistan where the narrative of Amir take topographic point or our ain state, Mexico. The intervention that Mexican people give to people from the small towns who wear traditional apparels is non excessively much different than the instances that the books present. In Oaxaca for illustration, people from the metropolis ridicule and humiliate people from towns or hapless people.

In Oaxaca, favoritism is present every twenty-four hours, we merely necessitate to take a expression around us and we could see what it is go oning to hapless people or people who come from far off or from a ill communicated town. They are by and large treated otherwise than people who dress in a common manner. Sadly we can see that Oaxaca is one of the provinces where there is greater favoritism for economic position grounds. However, when equal than in the United States, possibly because the history of each topographic point, because the past dramas an of import function, for illustration in Mexico people are more discriminated when they came from Oaxaca, because I suppose that people from other provinces think that we do non hold the tools in instruction to support what we think and we are and in the United States people are discriminate because the actions that their state have done.

To reason the subjects of Racism and Discrimination is of import to advert that the books “ Invisible adult male ” , “ House of sand and fog ” and “ The Kite Runner ” are books that merely demo one side of the balance, but the truth is that Discrimination and Racism are common between the people involved and it is why everyone should be cognizant of this. It is really of import if we want to halt speaking about these subjects that all people begin to make single action to accomplish a society that can populate in harmoniousness, without biass and falsities. “ Invisible adult male ” , “ House of sand and fog ” and “ The Kite Runner ” are rubrics that show the daintiness of the subjects, but they besides give us the lesson that could assist us to halt making and repeat actions over and over once more and go on with the same narratives.

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