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Marriage has undergone a gradual passage from a usage to a legal province since 1800s. In 1800s, adult females were wholly subordinated to their hubbies. Their gender function was limited in their house, and they had to fulfill hubby ‘s demands. Their yearss were really palling. Their life was really unsmooth ; they fundamentally had no rights at this clip in history. Jane Austen was a good novelist in that epoch. Austen lived in a clip when matrimony was the lone manner out for some adult females, or they would be forced to go a governess and lose their independency. Jane Austen was a major English novelist, whose brightly witty, elegantly structured satirical fiction marks the passage in English literature from eighteenth century neo-classicism to twentieth century romanticism. Her novels, which were like complains about adult females ‘s right, changed the thought and value of matrimony forever. In eighteenth century, the value of matrimony was limited to conserve desires. Womans were the belongings of work forces, and matrimony was their lone manner of holding a recognized place in society, but now, value of matrimony is commitment between matrimony spouses in equal status, and we have to protect it.

In 1800s, adult females did non hold independent life and Jane Austen revealed the bad status of adult females and changed the vision of society. During this clip in history, married adult females could non have belongings in their ain right, and were, so, themselves the belongings of their hubbies. Many of the adult females ‘s occupation included raising kids, prepare nutrient, make vesture, and take attention of things around the house. Their chief responsibility was to fulfill their hubby ‘s demands. At that clip, Jane Austen was one of the most celebrated writers who reflected the atrocious status of adult females ‘s matrimony in her novels. As Hannah Eberle mentioned in her article ” How Jane Austen Uses Marriage to Get What She Wants ” that “ Austen voices her concerns about eighteenth century gender functions throughout her novels ” ( Eberle ) Her novels centre on the lives of immature adult females in in-between category Regency England. She looked at adult females ‘s life, and revealed the slavery life of adult females in her novels. For illustration, when Barbara W. Swords confirms in her article “ Woman ‘s Topographic point in Jane Austen ‘s England ” that “ In Jane Austen ‘s novels, every bit good, we may happen that matrimony is the lone existent pick to see a adult female ‘s topographic point, her felicity, and her successful hereafter, ” ( W. Sword ) it becomes clear that Jane Austen saw adult females ‘s slavery life, and understood the hopes and frights of adult females who had to trust on matrimony and household connexions to supply them with a place and means to populate. Furthermore, Jane Austen was peculiarly interested in the altering attitudes towards matrimony among these immature people. As a consequence, she created different characters and different sort of love affairs and matrimonies in her novels to present the existent value of matrimony to immature people ; Austen ‘s theoretical account of matrimony was reflected in her narratives and characters ; as Barbara W. Swords confirms that “ The happy matrimonies with which Jane Austen ‘s novels conclude correspond, so, to these new theoretical accounts of proper matrimony: Catherine and Henry ; Marianne and Colonel Brandon, Elinor and Edward ; Elizabeth and Darcy ; Fanny and Edmund ; Emma and Mr. Knightley ; and Anne and Captain Wentworth. In each matrimony, love, esteem, compatibility and mutualness, capableness and esteem – and equality – are necessities to be discovered during wooing and strengthened throughout life. ” ( W. Sword ) In my sentiment, the literature and novels of Jane Austen built a foundation from which modern text and modern value of matrimony were made. Peoples studied Austen ‘s novels, and became familiar with the new values of a successful matrimony. This is a really of import event because at that clip the value of matrimony was merely work forces ‘s desire, but Austen ‘s novels changed the state of affairs and became the chief foundation of a passage toward a better life in 21th century.

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Now that were in 21th century, the gender function of adult females and the value of matrimony have been changed. Married adult females can have belongings in their ain right, and are non themselves the belongings of their hubbies. Womans may hold independent life, and they have the right to take their ain hubby. They have equal rights with work forces. Furthermore, they are non limited in their house plants and taking attention of kids at place. They can work outside of the house, and matrimony in non their lone manner of holding a recognized place in society any more. As a consequence, the value of matrimony has been changed. If we look at Ted Olson ‘s interview with CNN newsman, we may understand how much the value of matrimony has been changed since 18th century, and what the value of matrimony agencies in The United States of America. Ted Olson, Who is the former US canvasser general, confirms that “ Marriage is a conservative value. Equality is a conservative valueaˆ¦.equality and independenceaˆ¦and people that love one another that wish to organize a stable bon a portion of our economic system, portion of our community. That should be a conservative value. ” ( Olson ) As a consequence, equality and independency are two cardinal factors of the value of matrimony today. Women and work forces have equal rights. There is no duty and emphasis at all, and hubby and married woman have sort relationship. Along with this new thought, there is one more issue. If we take a closer expression at the value of matrimony today, we may happen that because of bad economic system, the value of matrimony has been changed by fiscal jobs and economic system has had profound impact on the value of matrimony. As, Frey Bruno S. explains in his book “ Happinessa revolution in economic sciences ” that “ In matrimony, people engage in a long-run relationship with a strong committedness to a reciprocally rewarding exchange. The partner expects some benefits from the spouse ‘s expressed love, gratitude and acknowledgment, every bit good as from security and stuff wagess. This is summarized in the protection position of matrimony. “ ( Bruno S. 1 ) In other word, along with equality and independency, the value of matrimony is affected by fiscal and economic success in our life. Good occupation and good fiscal state of affairs are necessities of a good matrimony. In 21th century, equality, independency and fiscal success are three major elements which define the value of matrimony.

After this long attempt, we have to protect our accomplishments. There is a unsafe construct called “ Arranged matrimony ” which may destruct all our attempts today. Arranged matrimonies are matrimonies in which household members take a important function in conveying a twosome together. Relatives, peculiarly parents, frequently take the enterprise to happen, measure, and O.K. possible partners for their kids. In some instances, the twosome may get married while still comparative aliens under the outlook that they will develop a loving relationship over clip. These matrimonies are in contrast to alleged “ love matrimonies, ” in which a twosome is drawn together by common attractive force and makes the determination to get married on their ain. While frequently associated with civilizations in the Middle East, Africa, and India, these agreements are non unknown in Western states, peculiarly among immigrant populations. I studied and found out that spiritual and cultural believes are two major grounds for an “ Arranged matrimony ” For illustration, if we take a expression at Jocelyn Voo ‘s article “ Arranged matrimony gets hi-tech turn, ” he confirms that “ When it was clip for Sabiha Ansari to acquire married, her parents flew her to India. She met her husband-to-be for less than 20 proceedingss, with household, so was asked whether she liked him. ” ( Voo ) There are many states like India that do non believe in modern value of matrimony accepted in democratic states, and an “ Arranged matrimony, ” which is a traditional believe, is more of import for them than modern value of matrimony. In this study, Sabiha Ansari ‘s male parent and female parent ignored their girl ‘s sentiment and followed their ain tradition. As we can see that Saviha explains that was truly difficult for her, and she sort of wanted to hold some clip entirely with him to speak to him, or even on the phone. There is an of import point. India is non the lone state which does non believe in modern value of matrimony. There are many more painful events happened in Islamic states which ignores the value of matrimony because of faith believe. For illustration, Samuel Burke explains in his article “ 11-year-old Girl Married to 40-year-old Man. ” that “ Before their nuptials ceremonial begins in rural Afghanistan, a 40-year-old adult male sits to be photographed with his 11-year-old bride. The miss tells the lensman that she is sad to be engaged because she had hoped to go a instructor. “ ( Burke ) coercing a 11 old ages old misss to get married with a 40 old ages old adult male when she wanted to go a instructor, is a really painful status. I was born in Iran, which is an Muslim state, and I can experience her hurting because the age of miss ‘s matrimony in Iran was near old ages old. Jane Austen helped us to understand the adult females ‘s status in eighteenth century, but “ Arranged matrimony ” is another signifier of adult females ‘s bondage which is against the modern value of matrimony at all. We have to be careful non to let these counties and traditions to trouble adolescent misss to get married with old people and destruct the existent value of matrimony which has been made after a long attempt.

In decision, in eighteenth century, the value of matrimony was limited to conserve desires. Womans were as the belongings of work forces, they did non hold any right to kick. Marriage was their lone manner of holding a recognized place in society, the adult male was absolute power, but Jane Austen reflected that adult females ‘s bad state of affairs in her novels, and changed the regulations. After that, people started to analyze Austen ‘s novels, and the value of matrimony was changed. Today, work forces and adult females have equal rights, and the value of matrimony is based on equality and independency of work forces and adult females, and we have to protect this accomplishment from those states which does non believe in these constructs. In my sentiment the value of matrimony is commitment between matrimony spouses in equal status, and the equal committedness is the lone manner which will protect our households in future life.


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