The Weakness Of Death Of A Salesman English Literature Essay Free Essay

Over the class of ‘ Death of a Salesman ‘ , many different factors can be attributed to Willy ‘s ruin. The thought of the American dream is outstanding. The novel is set in 1949 when the dream was in full swing ; and this thought shapes the chief character, Willy Loman and brings his ruin. Willy Loman, the supporter of the drama, is under great force per unit area from the American dream ; he feels like he needs to travel into concern and go a salesman, a occupation he can non make good at all, disregarding his existent endowments which could besides gain him success. This finally leads to his self-destruction – a clear weakness of the dream for him.

The gap description of the Loman family in Act 1, scene 1 high spots that Willy is non a good salesman, as the furniture which Miller describes in the Loman family is of the basic and inexpensive assortment ; “ there is a kitchen tabular array with tree chairs, and a icebox. But no other fixtures are seen aˆ¦ . To the right of a kitchen, there is a sleeping room furnished merely with a brass bedframe and a consecutive chair ” . The deficiency of furniture high spots how the Lomans are ill off financially because of the deficiency of furniture and the simpleness of the staying furniture. The ‘brass ‘ bedframe is besides a symbol of unimportance. It is of import to detect that the Lomans do non possess a closet in their sleeping room, foregrounding that they do non have plenty apparels to necessitate a closet ; perchance because Willy works a great trade and wears the same suit in an effort to gain more money – yet still fails excessively. The description of the Loman ‘s family contrasts with the description of the house of Dave Singleman, a character Willy creates in Act two whilst reasoning with his foreman Howard Wagner. In Dave Singleman ‘s place, he had a telephone – which he did all his gross revenues and concern on – and wore green, velvet slippers. Velvet is a really expensive stuff and contrasts with the bare brass, used by the Lomans. The icebox is contrasted against the comparative simpleness of the remainder of the house and is a symbolic of the manner that capitalist economy drives the mean individual to consumerism, which finally takes precedence over other basic comfortss.

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The scene of the Loman family is a improbably symbolic image in reguards to Willys battle to win the American dream “ we are cognizant of looming angular forms being it, environing it on all sidesaˆ¦ The environing country shows an angry freshness of orange… a solid vault of flat houses around the little fragile-seeming place aˆ¦ the roof-line of the house is unidimensional ; under and over it we see the flat edifices. “ The towering flat edifices around the Loman ‘s house represents how the American Dream will non wait around for anyone and portrays Willy ‘s battle to maintain up with the fast gait nature of America. Miller describes the Loman ‘s house as ‘fragile-seeming ‘ ; this highlights the fact that at any minute Willy will shortly fall apart under the force per unit area ; it besides represents that he can be easy replaced with something more utile and better. The scene of the Loman place portrays how the American Dream brought Willy ‘s ruin as it is such a dumbly populated country, making a really uninspiring atomosphere to truly seek and persist. The angry, orangish freshness of the street lamps symbolise the choler Willy feels towards the American dream as he struggles to maintain up with it. It besides represents his household ‘s choler towards Willy as Willy is merely pull the leg ofing himself believing he is successful and popular when he is non.

The American dream believes that it ‘s difficult work and virtue that will do you win ; Willy besides agrees and belives that if you are good liked enough you will be successful. He encourages this often to his kids and makes them bury about the academic side of life that helps you get to topographic points every bit good “ He ‘s got ta survey, Uncle Willy. He ‘s got Regents following hebdomad. ” Here, Bernard, Willy ‘s nephew is reminding him that he needs to promote and let his boy, Biff to analyze for his test ; Biff is presently presuming that he will acquire into the University of Virginia with no job at all as he is on the football squad, doing him popular – therefore he will easy acquire into the university as he has position ( ironically associating in with the American dream ) . This point is highlighted farther on when Willy asks what people think of Bernard, having the response ; “ He ‘s liked but he ‘s non good liked ” It is clear throughout the drama that Willy drills into his kids ‘s caputs that it is non what you know, it is who you know that gets you far in life. This is a cardinal point in the ruin of Willy, due to the fact that he believes that he is good known in all countries of America and that he has connexions that will acquire him far in life – when it is really the opposite. He is non known ( or he is but for the incorrect grounds, .i.e. non doing any gross revenues ) . The political orientation behind the American Dream plays with Willy ‘s caput and causes his ruin and could potentially infect the heads of his progeny every bit good.

Contradiction of Willy ‘s ain ideas show his degrading mental province. During the epoch, ‘Chevrolet ‘ was a auto maker This auto, to Willy, symbolised success ; “ Chevrolet, Linda, is the greatest auto of all time built ” Willy had one time had the auto, he believed that by holding it, success will come his manner and he will be popular and rich, nevertheless, things clearly did n’t travel to program and he failed at going successful. The autos represent Willy ‘s age. He owned the Chevy at a clip where he had more possible in him, a clip when his boy could hold attended university and a clip where he was gaining some money. Subsequently on in life, Willy Loman owns another auto – a beat-up Studebaker, which ends up being a load on his measures ; “ Well, you had the motor occupation on the caraˆ¦ ” “ That goddam Studebaker! ” The Studebaker symbolises Willys battle to maintain working and shows how tired, even though he has been nil but unsuccessful so far. The American dream has warped Willy ‘s head into doing him believe that he can win by making nil – merely holding fancy appliances and being good liked.

Willys occupation that he felt he had to travel in due to the ‘dream ‘ caused Willy to go despairing for money and forced him to inquire for money from his comrades – but non state his married woman as he could non manage the shame ; “ Charley, lookaˆ¦ ( With trouble ) I got my insurance to pay. If you can pull off it – I need a hundred and ten dollars. ” This is a important mark that Willy is fighting to maintain up with the of all time lifting monetary values of the modern America ; it besides highlight that Willy wants to pay his insurance before he kills himself, so his household can hold the money. The American dream did portray a outstanding portion in the ruin of Willy Loman ; nevertheless, there are many other grounds why the protaganist had such a tragic ruin.

Willy ‘s pride to non accept favors from friends finally caused him to ensue into taking his ain life as he did non believe that this was the manner you reached the top ; “ I offered you a occupation. You can do 50 dollars a hebdomad. And I wo n’t direct you on the route. /I ‘ve got a occupation. ” If Willy had taken the occupation from his friend Charley, a adult male who noticed Willy ‘s battles, he would non hold to go on to lie to his married woman and make-believe that he is gaining more than merely committee – enabling him to be able to pay his measures and screen his mental province out. But his pride stood in the room access and disabled him from wining. Furthermore, Willy ignored his endowments in building as he did non experience like it could do him successful ; “ Cause I got so many all right tools, all I ‘d necessitate would be a small timber and some piece of mindaˆ¦ ” The opportunity of Willy accomplishing success was with the all right tools he revealed he owned, but by disregarding them he made it harder to supply for his household. His household noticed this, but it was excessively late ; “ There ‘s more of him in that forepart stoop than in all the gross revenues he of all time made ” It is clear that through Willy ‘s failure to recognize his endowments he missed out on a opportunity to ramify out into the universe of building that linked in with concern, like going an designer or a contractor. Willy went for a occupation with a head to win and did n’t even have a publicity ; therefore conveying his ruin.

Ultimately, a there are a assortment of factors that contributed to the ruin of Willy Loman. The American dream had failed him, unlike how it brought felicity and fiscal stableness to his male parent and brother. Had he gone into a occupation he was really good at so things could hold potentially been a great trade easier for the salesman, but he felt like he needed to make what his male parent, brother and wharfs do – a occupation that was non made for a adult male who is more practical and prefers to work with his custodies instead than siting on his humor and personal appeal.

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