Villains free essay sample

This paper describes satanic characters in literature.

This essay looks at evil and its corrupting forces in literature, citing Milton’s Paradise Lost and Shakespeare’s “Othello”. It goes on to discuss the motives of Gandhi and those in the anti-slavery movements, attempting to explain why good will ultimately prevail.

From the paper:

“Both John Milton and Dr. Martin Luther King were clergymen who based their works, writings and speeches on the principles set forth in Christianity.

” While it might seem to be a difficult task to find a villain in real life who is suitable for comparison to Satan – one in whom personal characteristics are so base that they are better seen as completely nonexistent – it is not difficult to find such a creature in literature.

“The character of Lago from Shakespeare?s play, Othello, fits this description well. Not only can Lago be compared to Satan in Milton?s Paradise Lost, but the character of Othello can be compared to an innocent Adam – a person who is doing perfectly well before the devil moves in and brings hell with him.

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