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Justice is served in this play in the way of everybody who has done wrong dies. The play ends with 4 people dying in the last 4 pages and around 10 in total. In the end Hamlet finally gets up the courage to kill his uncle by stabbing him with a poisoned tipped sword and by making him drink the same poisoned drink that killed his mother. Maybe the fact that he too was dying from a wound from the poisoned tipped blade helped him perform in his final stand.

Also anyone who tried to get in the way of hamlets mission also died. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern tried to escort Hamlet to his own execution but ended up just delivering their unsigned death certificates. Laertes tried to stop hamlet by stabbing hamlet with a poisoned tipped sword but hamlet just came back and killed him with the same sword. Even Ophelia entered her eternal slumber by drowning when insanity crept in the depths of her mind when she showed dishonesty to Hamlet.

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This play is a revenge tragedy and revenge is not a simple subject so the play cannot be simple. Friends were manipulated and murdered, loved ones were caught in the middle of the sea of death. I question if justice was even worth the price hamlet paid for it. The story ended with hamlet suffering and losing a lot more than just his father. He lost his mother, a love, and a possible in law, friends and his own being to take revenge for his father.

This is truly a tragedy knowing that so many lives are deceased uneasy and unknowingly of why they died just so 1 may rest in peace. This darkness is n us all and vengeful thoughts are enough to bring enough insanity that you can blindly make things worse in the journey to make things right. Justice is served in the murder of Hamlet Sr. but will probably never be served in the deaths of Ophelia, the queen, and other characters

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