Women: The Abused Gender in Literature and Life free essay sample

A study of four books where the trauma of the women characters are explored.

The paper explores four books which are linked by the trauma of the women characters – “The Bluest Eyes” (Toni Morrison), “Jasmine”, (Bharati Mukherjee) “Bastard Out of Carolina” (Dorothy Allison), and “White Oleander” (Janet Fitch). The paper shows how each book involves the story of a young woman who suffered abuse through no fault of her own and that although they take place at different times, different locations and to different types of young women, they are linked. The author touches on the thread of abuse towards women in real life.
“As a young girl she shows her strength when she saves the village women from a wild dog. Throughout her life in India, Jasmine, a young Punjab girl undergoes a series of changes. She is the embodiment of the fatalistic beliefs of the Hindu religion as she goes through cycles that allow her to become a mature woman in a new country, America.

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The story is told from the perspective that young woman in America as she recalls the life she lead in India, and how she came to America. Behind her is the oppression of females. Ahead of her is hope for a better life. In her is the clash of beliefs from the fatalistic Hindu, to the optimistic American. Along the way her name is changed several times until she winds up with the non-ethnic Jane, instead of Jasmine.”

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